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Avoiding a flat facial profile in the NYC area

Avoiding a flat facial profile Dr kwan NYC area

It is common for Asian patients to be dealing with a specific type of facial shape. The Asian face is often large, flat, and wide with prominent cheekbones and jawbones. The forehead has a tendency to be extremely flat or ever retruded, as well as the chin. This is a common complaint for patients who want to get away from the flat facial profile and achieve better harmony in their facial proportions. Dr. Edmund Kwan, MD of the NYC area may suggest plastic surgery to reconstruct the bones of the face through contouring procedures.

To avoid the flat facial profile, a face lift will typically not be of much assistance. This is because a face lift is better suited for patients who are dealing with skin laxity, and flat facial profiles are a result of the bone underneath. Dr. Edmund Kwan, MD will consult with patients and discuss the results that can be achieved with bone contouring.

Bone contouring requires specific changes to the cheek, jaw, and sometimes even the forehead to make substantial, noticeable changes. Augmentation of the bone will provide the results patients are interested in achieving in an effective natural manner. Augmentation may be done with biocompatible implants, bone grafting, or shaving down certain areas of the bone as necessary. This is done to achieve more contours to the facial profile and improve the appearance of the forehead, nose, chin, jaw, and cheekbones. Patients consult with the doctor to find out which areas are an issue and the best methods of improving the structure. What works best for one patient may not be suitable for another, so we develop a unique, custom treatment plan based on each individual.

People in and around the New York City area are welcome to book an appointment at Edmund Kwan, M.D. We want our patients to have access to the most effective treatments for enhancing their natural appearance and bringing harmony to their facial features. Contact Dr. Edmund Kwan, MD today to book a consultation visit and find out more about addressing flat facial profiles and other imperfections that may be troublesome to both men and women.

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