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Which NY patients consider facial reconstruction surgery?

Facial Reconstruction Surgery NY

When patients are struggling with facial deformities or traumas, it can greatly affect their self-confidence. Patients who are ready to take charge of their appearance and address imperfections may be wonderful candidates for facial reconstruction surgery. Dr. Edmund Kwan of NY is happy to offer his expertise and artistic eye to assist patients in transforming their appearance.

Patients who visit Dr. Kwan for a consultation regarding facial reconstruction surgery are those who have experienced deformities caused by injury, cancer, or other surgical treatments done in the past. Patients may experience bone injuries, large scars, or the loss of skin. Many times, skin grafting plays a large part in facial reconstruction, depending on the condition of the face.

Patients who consider facial reconstruction surgery are those who have been dissatisfied with their appearance due to natural defects or traumas that occurred to the facial area. These patients often have lowered self-esteem and may feel embarrassed by the way they look. Thankfully, facial reconstruction surgery can provide amazing benefits to those who are struggling with their appearance and are ready to seek a solution. Patients are encouraged to schedule an appointment with a qualified facial plastic surgeon to determine if surgery is necessary. This allows the doctor to examine the face, determine the bone structure, and discuss with the patients the ways in which they can improve their appearance.

The procedure for reconstruction varies depending on the injury or condition being treated. Skin grafting, bone replacement, and other techniques may be combined for optimum results. Patients considering this surgery must first meet with Dr. Kwan for a full examination and medical history. Reconstructive surgery is often a last resort for patients, but can be a, life-changing experience.

If you live in the New York area and you are considering the benefits of facial reconstruction, contact Dr. Edmund Kwan today to schedule an examination and determine if this surgical treatment is right for you! Now is the time to take charge of your life—and your appearance—to start feeling better and more confident!

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