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Facial reconstruction surgery solutions for New York area patients

Facial reconstruction surgery solutions

New York patients who have had an injury to their facial area or were born with imperfections may want to work with a Board-certified surgeon such as Dr. Edmund Kwan to discuss facial reconstruction surgery. What is facial reconstruction? Facial reconstruction is one or several procedures that may be used to repair imperfections of the face that are caused by genetics, previous surgical treatments, or injuries. Facial reconstruction surgery is a terrific way for patients to address issues that negatively impact their appearance and make them feel self-conscious. Dr. Edmund Kwan may use a variety of procedures to improve the … Continue reading

What can you do with patients that have a facial deformity?

Reconstructive Surgery New York City

The results which can be achieved through facial reconstruction surgery depend on the type of deformity the patient suffers from. Facial trauma patients can suffer from a number of different conditions. Some of them may not have bone injuries but several cuts which have left a disfiguring appearance due to several scars. These patients may suffer from lack of skin, disfigured upper eyelids, disfigured brows, or disfigured noses and faces due to scars, deformities and displacements. The scars in each of the above conditions are addressed by plastic surgeons, separately. In order to remove the scars, most surgeons perform either … Continue reading

Why facial reconstruction surgery may be considered by New Jersey area residents

Facial Reconstruction Surgery New Jersey

Many patients who visit the practice of Dr. Edmund Kwan to discuss facial reconstructive surgery are often well aware of the potential their appearance can have. Imperfections and injuries can result in a less-than-perfect look, which can be a source of embarrassment or low self-esteem for many patients in the New Jersey and NYC area. This is why Dr. Edmund Kwan believes in offering a wide range of facial reconstructive surgeries to patients interested in rejuvenation of the face. Facial reconstruction surgery can be done in a variety of instances. For example, some patients may want to reconstruct the appearance … Continue reading

What is the difference between cosmetic and reconstructive surgery?

Reconstructive Surgeon New York: Dr. Edmund Kwan

Cosmetic surgery and reconstructive surgery are two separate branches of plastic surgery. The fundamental difference is that cosmetic surgery is an elective procedure, whereas reconstructive surgery is critically important. Reconstructive surgery is required in a situation where a part of the patient’s face or another external body part is damaged, broken, mutilated, burnt, disfigured, or surgically removed. In all such conditions, reconstructive plastic surgery helps restore the patient’s physical condition. This surgery is critically important because it helps restore the aesthetics as well as functionality of the specific body part. When a healthy person’s body suffers damage in an accident … Continue reading

What is reconstructive facial surgery?

Facial Reconstruction New York City

Reconstructive facial surgery is a surgery performed on the face of a patient who suffers from some sort of deformity caused due to facial trauma from incidents like car accidents, natural birth conditions, conditions of facial bone deformity, or even soft tissue deformity. In addition, reconstructive facial surgery involves patients who have had cancer surgery which has resulted in some sort of facial deformity. Furthermore, this type of surgery is ideal for patients who suffer from scars and disfigurements which have been caused by some other facial surgery. For all of these conditions and situations, reconstructive facial surgery is the … Continue reading

How does the preoperative otoplasty appointment work?

Otoplasty New York City

The preoperative otoplasty appointment involves a detailed consultation with the patient that is critical to the success of the procedure. The plastic surgeon will conduct a close examination of the patient’s ears to estimate the extent of the problem. He will discuss the treatment options with the patient and explain how the ear will be reshaped to a more normal size. Patients can discuss their own needs during the preoperative appointment so that the surgeon knows exactly what size and shape of the ears is preferable. The surgeon will also try to evaluate the general health and medical history of … Continue reading

How long does it take to recover from reconstructive surgery?

Reconstructive Surgery Recovery New York City

Reconstructive surgery involves restoration of any damaged or surgically removed external portion of the body. It includes restorations for cases such as; any major broken bones on the face in an accident or an assault, or restoration of a part that has been disfigured during tumor removal. If the patient has received a major permanent scar in the aftermath of a surgery or accident, it may also be removed with the help of reconstructive surgery. The recovery period following reconstructive surgery varies depending on the nature of the procedure performed. In a case where the patient undergoes reconstruction surgery following … Continue reading

How long will the bruising and swelling last in an otoplasty?

New York City Otoplasty

The bruising and swelling from an otoplasty may last for about one to two weeks following the surgery. It varies from patient to patient, depending on their natural healing ability. Younger patients may in fact experience faster healing because of their stronger health and their body’s ability to repair itself. Bruising from an otoplasty is fairly minimal if the operating surgeon is an expert at performing the surgery with minimum effort. Swelling is not a very serious outcome and it is expected in almost any surgery. In most cases, the swelling usually subsides within one week after the surgery. If … Continue reading

NYC area surgeon addresses facial deformities

Facial Deformities NYC

Facial deformities are a problem often resulting from surgeries, trauma, or medical issues. Dr. Edmund Kwan, MD and his team in NYC can help patients overcome these aesthetic issues to help improve their self-confidence. No matter how the face was disfigured, our practice can assist in rejuvenating the appearance in a way that makes patients feel better about the way they look. Dr. Edmund Kwan, MD has helped patients with many different facial deformities in the past which include: Disfiguration caused by skin cancer surgery Brows or eyelids that have been affected by bell’s palsy Scarring as a result of … Continue reading

When might facial reconstruction be necessary for NYC area patients?

Facial Reconstruction NYC

The signs of aging may cause both men and women to feel very self-conscious about their appearance. Skin laxity can result in fine lines, wrinkles, folds, and drooping skin around the eyes and jowls. Patients may lose volume in their cheeks and begin to appear as though they are not well rested and rejuvenated. When patients notice the signs of aging catching up with them, they may strongly consider the benefits of facial reconstruction. Facial reconstruction may include one or more surgical procedures. Every patient is unique, so Dr. Edmund Kwan, MD considers the individual’s specific needs and develops a … Continue reading

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