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Transform your face and confidence with safe, straightforward forehead contouring in Queens NY

When many people think of beautiful facial features, they may consider bright eyes and full lips before a curved, smooth forehead. But the forehead represents a quarter to almost 50 percent of the facial surface area. So, it’s importance can’t be overstated. The upper face also forms the platform for “age estimation,” so it tends to be the focus of patients seeking facial improvement. Researchers have actually found, in studies where eye tracking is used, subjects tended to hover on the upper part of the face. They scrutinized it more than any other area. It’s no wonder so much time is spent perfecting the perfect eyebrow!

Dr. Kwan is experienced with also treating irregularities to the forehead caused by congenital conditions and other trauma.

While you may manipulate brows to suit the style or your face, Edmund Kwan MD can alter the canvas itself, which can also transform the appearance of your brows and other facial features. It’s amazing to consider how much the simple procedure of forehead contouring in Queens NY can improve overall appearance – achieving greater symmetry and harmony with other facial characteristics. We see the dramatic difference time and again with our satisfied patients.

A unique skillset

By far, the most common type of forehead cosmetic surgery is limited to soft tissues – such as brow lifting – or nonsurgical treatments like Botox that are designed to soften frown lines and worry furrows. But bony contour problems are every bit as important as soft tissue issues or concerns involving other parts of the face, such as the nose or cheeks. These areas are regularly addressed by surgeons.

You may benefit from forehead contouring if any of the following characteristics sound like you:

  • You’re bothered by a flat or depressed forehead.
  • You feel your forehead contrasts unfavorably with other features; for example, a strong nose or a pointy chin.
  • The resulting appearance, especially in profile, is overly heavy – a bulky jawline.

Contouring the forehead can help to balance out these features, creating beautiful proportions.

Done with or without a brow lift, board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Edmund Kwan makes minimal incisions to access the tissues that are in need of correction. Since they’re adeptly placed within the hairline, they’re not visible. Your hair grows right through the incisions! The skin also drapes naturally over the treated area.

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You and Dr. Kwan may opt for a biocompatible or tissue-friendly bone cement, which is molded to correct irregularities and reshape the forehead. Bone cement has been used safely for decades and, when prepared and manipulated by a surgeon with experience using this material for forehead contouring, the risks of infection and other complications are remote. In general, this product offers excellent opportunities to recontour and lasting effects because it provides superior stability. It’s also difficult to distinguish bone cement from natural bony tissue.

Safe treatment, outstanding results

Dr. Edmund Kwan applies experience with diverse patients, including Asians,

Depending on each patient’s unique facial anatomy and needs, techniques such as burring may be combined for forehead reduction. But bony surgery is generally very predictable, especially on a long-term basis. It’s also very straightforward; when filling in bony deficiencies, the process can be as simple as mixing the proper consistency of bone cement and applying it to the treatment areas for sculpting by our skilled surgeon. As a reconstructive surgeon, Dr. Kwan is experienced with also treating irregularities to the forehead caused by congenital conditions and other trauma. As a surgeon with extensive experience treating patients of Asian descent, he balances each individual’s goals with preserving his or her ethnic identity. He is compassionate and understanding of each patient’s personal needs and unique desires for cosmetic improvement.

As with any surgery, there are a few risks. But usually the process is well-tolerated by patients and swelling of this area of the face often subsides before other facial areas. Some numbness or other sensation-oriented changes, as well as bruising, are not uncommon in the days following surgery. Follow instructions as provided by Dr. Kwan and related to physical activity. Strenuous exercise should be avoided to start and resting with your head elevated and with an ice pack or cold compress aids in the healing process. Over the longer term, you enjoy your new look and newfound confidence, without lingering scars. They gradually fade and are usually well-hidden at the top of the head, concealed by your hair.

For more information on options to beautify a flat or otherwise undesirable forehead, contact (212) 734 4488 Edmund Kwan, MD to schedule a consultation at one of our three convenient offices in Manhattan, Flushing, or New Jersey.


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