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Transform the appearance of your face with safe forehead contouring surgery in Fort Lee NJ

The forehead gets a lot of attention in plastic and cosmetic surgery circles. Today, you can rejuvenate wrinkled, fallen, or sunken areas of the forehead non-surgically with injectable treatments like Botox, or you can turn to a board-certified plastic surgeon like Dr. Edmund Kwan for surgical procedures such as a brow lift or forehead contouring surgery in Fort Lee NJ. The issues these procedures may seek to correct can be similar or related. Each option is available at Edmund Kwan, MD and can restore youthful vibrance and beautiful facial harmony for the right patient. Dr. Kwan combines a high degree of artistic skill and extensive training with experience treating a wide range of patients, across ethnicities. His understanding of different types of patient’s unique anatomical characteristics and needs contributes to desirable enhancement that preserves what makes you special and your ethnicity.

Dr. Edmund Kwan offers many surgery options including contouring to augment, reduce, or reshape the upper part of your face in Fort Lee NJ.

Why foreheads are at the forefront

Few portions of the face betray your age quite like the forehead. Faces tend to fall over time due to gravity, and the loss of fat and collagen and elastin, which contribute to youthful facial firmness and the ability for it to retain its shape once stretched. The size and curve of your forehead can also make your eyes look bigger or smaller than they actually are. Generally, common forehead procedures either involve altering the soft tissues or hard tissues (bone). The lease invasive of the procedures involves applying a solution to the muscles responsible for expression lines on your forehead, between or around the eyes. Most commonly known as Botox, this solution inhibits the muscles from contracting. When administered precisely by an experienced, qualified provider like Edmund Kwan, MD, you are still able to enjoy natural facial expressions – no “frozen face” – but the crow’s feet and frown lines are softened. The results from Botox aren’t permanent and require “maintenance” treatment. Plus, depending on your needs, you may benefit from surgical procedures instead.

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Brow lifts safely and skillfully performed by Dr. Kwan may be recommended should your skin relaxation cause the eyebrows to droop, or the eyelids to appear hooded. Severe frown lines between the brows can make you look perpetually angry or severe, even when you are content or happy. Think of the procedure as a facelift that only modifies the upper part of the face. A small incision is made to access the underlying tissues. Through an incision well-hidden in the hairline, Dr. Kwan repositions tissues to lift the brow. The act of lifting the forehead has the added benefit of smoothing out furrows and creases.

A board-certified plastic surgeon like Dr. Edmund Kwan

Forehead contouring alters the hard tissues or bone. It may be performed with or without a brow lift, or other facial rejuvenation techniques and products. Usually, patients are good candidates for forehead contouring if their faces appear to have very prominent eyebrow bridges. Our female patients may desire more “feminine” contours, which generally feature a curved forehead. By softening this area of the face, it can open up your eyes and allow their true beauty to shine through. Likewise, many of Dr. Kwan’s Asian patients may desire augmentation to correct a flat or depressed forehead and to achieve that softer, feminine look. Dr. Kwan also applies his extensive craniofacial trauma and reconstructive surgery expertise to correct contour irregularities or bony osteomas associated with previous surgical procedures or trauma. Each of these different needs requires a different technique to achieve your goal look.

  • Incisions made in the hairline allow Dr. Kwan access to the treatment areas. The bone is burred down or reduced. Hair grows through the incisions, so they’re well-hidden. Afterward, the skin re-drapes normally.
  • For augmentation, the treatment areas are accessed as above. Then Dr. Kwan’s artistry shines; he’ll apply a safe, tissue-friendly synthetic bone cement to areas that need to be corrected or reshaped. He then expertly molds this “bone” to achieve the softer, pleasing forehead shape and appearance that you desire.

As with other types of procedures, forehead contouring is performed at our ambulatory surgical facility. The safety of this center has been validated by the American Association for Accreditation of Ambulatory Surgery Facilities (AAAASF). For more information, schedule your complimentary consultation with Dr. Kwan by calling the Fort Lee office at 201 947 3636. In the meantime, visit our FAQs tab for more information on our safe, quality approach to cosmetic and plastic surgery procedures.


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Dr Kwan understood what I wanted my face to look like, and worked with those results in mind, including the right follow-up procedures to maximise the results I wanted. I'm very pleased with the results and the convenience of having the procedures done at the same location as the consultations. The staff are very friendly and Dr Kwan is a skilled surgeon in whom I can fully trust.
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