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From bone surgery to nonsurgical muscular reduction, let your features shine with jaw reshaping in NYC

The jawline or lower third portion of your face holds a lot of influence over the appearance of the rest of your face. Furthermore, an angular or “boxy”-shaped face tends to convey more masculine attributes, whereas a softer, more oval-shaped face tends to be associated with feminine features. Likewise, a larger, stronger jawline is often sought by many male patients, whereas female patients who seek jaw reshaping surgery in NYC at Edmund Kwan, MD do so to minimize a wide jaw in favor of a smaller, more delicate appearance.

Jaw Reshaping Surgery in NYC area

As a board-certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon with extensive experience treating patients across a diverse array of ethnic backgrounds, Dr. Edmund Kwan also appreciates that what one culture values or perceives as “feminine,” “masculine” or even generally “attractive,” may not be exactly what is appreciated by another culture. Though there are certain “golden attributes” that seem to have universal appeal, he knows and understands the nuances among patients of diverse ethnicities and applies this understanding when developing treatment plans that get the results each patient is after.

Jaw reshaping, it’s not any one type of surgery

Jaw reshaping, it’s not any one type of surgery in NYC area

Jaw reshaping is an entire category of surgical and nonsurgical procedures and techniques. It is particularly popular in Asian countries, but surgeons that are equipped and skilled at offering these types of treatments are difficult to come by in the United States. Furthermore, not only is Dr. Kwan among the select few providers to offer modifications to the jawline, but he is also among the most qualified. He has demonstrated knowledge and expertise by retaining membership in the American Society of Plastic Surgeons; its surgeons must meet or exceed rigorous standards including board certification by the American Board of Plastic Surgery.

A consultation with you helps to guide the exact type of procedure that Dr. Kwan will recommend, as well as the techniques that he will use to achieve the contours and proportions that you desire. If you want to minimize the jawline or lower portion of the face, there are largely a couple of options:

  • Jawbone reduction – There are many different names for this approach, from shaving to contouring to “V-line” surgery, the latter of which refers to achieving a “V”-shaped contour of the lower face that slims, defines, and adds a curve to the jawline. There are so many different names because Dr. Kwan can use many different techniques to alter the jawbone, depending on the amount of adjustment that is required. If the desired improvement only requires a small amount of reduction, he may opt to burr or shave down the outermost layer of bone. If a greater amount of reduction is necessary, more bone is excised from the jaw. All these surgeries are performed through a tiny incision made inside of the mouth or intraorally. That way, scarring isn’t visible after you heal.
  • Muscular reduction – No bone tissue is removed with this procedure because the culprit isn’t oversized bone; it’s overworked muscles. Over time, patients who clench or grind their teeth may develop oversized masseter or chewing muscles that alter the size of their jawline and the shape of their face. Dr. Kwan uses Botox injections to relax hypertrophic muscles. A muscle at rest isn’t being “overexerted,” and avoids that unwanted, “bulked-up” look. Unlike jawbone reduction, muscular relaxation or reduction with nonsurgical Botox is a temporary fix. You will need easy, follow-up treatments to maintain your softer jawline about every six to eight months.
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Dr. Kwan understands that every patient is different, and not everyone wants to reduce their jawbone. In fact, some patients may require jaw augmentation or enlargement to add balance to an asymmetrical jawline or to strengthen the appearance of recessed contours. The implants Dr. Kwan uses are safe and applied with the same, discreet intraoral incisions that are made with jawbone reduction or filing procedures. The implant is skillfully designed and placed so it looks and feels like natural tissue, and to get the specific level of enhancement that you want.

Regardless of the type of procedure recommended for you, all of Dr. Kwan’s patients get to “see” the attractive results from treatment before the surgery is even scheduled. Dr. Kwan is among a select few providers to use the Vectra imaging system, which shows you how the procedure and techniques used to improve the appearance of your jaw and face. You get these and other benefits without the sky-high prices associated with the NYC zip code. To schedule your complimentary consultation at the Manhattan office, call (212) 734 4488.

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