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Get a jawline that complements your features with reduction surgery options near Queens, NY

Dr. Edmund Kwan transforms the look of your face with jawline reduction surgery near Queens, NY.

Your jaw has a tremendous effect on your overall appearance. This is fortunate for those individuals who are happy with the size and contours of their jawlines. However, for many of Dr. Edmund Kwan’s patients, the jaw is a trouble spot that doesn’t complement other features or their personality and spirit. The good news is jawline reduction surgery near Queens, NY at the office of Edmund Kwan, MD provides lasting results that can’t be achieved with contouring, or specific hairstyles and clothing to minimize the appearance of the lower third of the face. As with all treatments, there is no … Continue reading

Restore facial balance and confidence with jawbone reduction techniques in New York, NY

Jawbone Reduction New York NY

Does your face shape not “match” your softer, more delicate features? Do you hide sharper angles behind your hair? Perhaps, your face appears more angular and less oval than it once did? Board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Edmund Kwan, and his skilled team in Manhattan, Flushing, and New Jersey can help you attain the face shape and overall feminine features that may have always eluded you. Likewise, they can correct the root cause of unwanted changes to your appearance over time. Depending on the source of your concerns, jawbone reduction in the New York, NY area at the offices of Edmund … Continue reading

NYC area surgeon describes jaw shave surgery

Jaw Shave Surgery NYC

There are many facial surgeries available at the practice of Dr. Edmund Kwan. His plastic and reconstructive surgery practice is available to help patients with solutions for improving the face and body. When Asian patients visit the practice, they are often interested in ethnic surgeries from a professional who has the experience to provide them with natural enhancement of the facial elements. Patients in the NYC area who are dealing with a too-prominent jaw line are often encouraged to contact Dr. Kwan to ask about jaw shave surgery. Caucasian patients who visit Dr. Edmund Kwan may be seeking ways of … Continue reading

Why might patients in NY consider cosmetic jaw surgery?

Cosmetic Jaw Surgery NY

When a wider jaw makes patients look heavier than they really are, many patients begin to consider cosmetic jaw surgery. NY area doctor, Dr. Edmund Kwan, MD, is a plastic surgeon who can perform jaw surgeries to improve the contours for a more attractive appearance. Many patients consider this treatment because they want a more oval-shaped face, want a more prominent jaw, or want to thin down the area for the appearance of a V-shape around their chin. The only way to achieve these contours is with cosmetic jaw surgery. Dr. Edmund Kwan, MD performs jaw surgery under general anesthesia … Continue reading

NYC area doctor describes corrective jaw surgery

Corrective Jaw Surgery NYC

There are times when patients visit Dr. Edmund Kwan, MD of the NYC area concerned about a wider and thicker jawbone than they would prefer. This may make the face look considerably wider and can result in patients feeling rather self-conscious about their appearance. When concerns such as this arise, Dr. Edmund Kwan, MD may speak with patients about the benefits of corrective jaw surgery. Jaw surgery is a little different from other bone surgeries as this one often involves removal of some of the muscle. The muscles around the jaw can result in the wider look. By addressing both … Continue reading

What is jawbone reduction?

Jaw Reduction Surgery New York City

The jawbone is part of the bone on the lower face along the jaw line. Unlike a cheekbone reduction, a jawbone reduction surgery involves both the bone and the muscle. Many patients have jawbones that are somewhat thicker and/or wider. Hence, an x-ray will show that they have a wider facial appearance. Added to this thicker and wider jawbone, they may also have a large jaw muscle. In medical terminology, the jaw muscle is referred to as the “masseter muscle” and is primarily involved in chewing. Moreover, this muscle is considered very powerful and in some patients, it can grow … Continue reading

Are there alternatives to jawbone reduction?

Jawline Reduction New York City

In many patients, the irregular and disproportionate lower portion of the face is not caused solely due to their jawbone. The real issue lies in the jaw muscle being very big. In order to correct this condition, some surgeons use Botox injections. Botox or Botulinum toxin is a medicine that’s usually injected into wrinkles and the face. However, in most patients, this toxin works effectively to reduce the size of their jaw area, as well. Once the toxin is injected, it causes the muscle to get paralyzed. In the same manner, multiple shots into the muscle cause it to become … Continue reading

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V-Line Surgery

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