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Get a jawline that complements your features with reduction surgery options near Queens, NY

Dr. Edmund Kwan transforms the look of your face with jawline reduction surgery near Queens, NY.

Your jaw has a tremendous effect on your overall appearance. This is fortunate for those individuals who are happy with the size and contours of their jawlines. However, for many of Dr. Edmund Kwan’s patients, the jaw is a trouble spot that doesn’t complement other features or their personality and spirit. The good news is jawline reduction surgery near Queens, NY at the office of Edmund Kwan, MD provides lasting results that can’t be achieved with contouring, or specific hairstyles and clothing to minimize the appearance of the lower third of the face.

As with all treatments, there is no single approach that works for everybody. A Board-certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon, Dr. Kwan will evaluate your facial structure and have a conversation with you before moving forward with recommendations for treatment.

Why jaws are powerful motivators for cosmetic treatment

 The reflection you see starting back at you is influenced by myriad factors, including the shape of your nose, the plumpness of your cheeks, and the angles of the forehead and jaw. DNA plays a role in each of these characteristics. Age and lifestyle factors such as chewing habits also influence the shape of your jawline. Dr. Kwan has many methods to permanently alter the appearance of the jaws as well as some of the other facial features that contribute so heavily to how you see yourself, and to how others see you.

The bones that make up the cranium and jaw don’t stop changing once you celebrate a certain number of birthdays; in fact, CT scans show considerable structural differences between older and younger skulls such as:

  • A longer jaw
  • Considerable wear to the teeth, which further flattens the lip-line and widens the face
  • Wider eye sockets, which push the angle of the jaw down and out

As it relates to the lifestyle and environmental factors that contribute to “wide face,” bruxism is a big culprit. This condition is characterized by persistent teeth-grinding and clenching. You may subconsciously grind your teeth when concentrating at work, in high-stress situations, or while sleeping. Chronic bruxism frequently results in overdeveloped masseter muscles. These muscles are responsible for the movement of the mandible. If the jaws are overworked, the lower portion of the face can grow and look out of proportion with other features. A formerly more oval or “feminine” appearance may make way for a squared-off facial shape, which is often associated with a masculine look.

Image of a Beautiful Caucasian woman want to check eye, nose, eyebrow, forehead, cheek, jawline before plastic surgery

As an Asian plastic surgeon, Dr. Kwan has a diverse patient base. He treats many different types of patients, including those of Asian descent who tend to have a wider-set and more angular mandible. The result is a somewhat squared-off look to the jawline. His experience with so many facial shapes and structures results in a high degree of patient satisfaction, and he knows what techniques will generally work to get the desired, natural improvement (while also preserving a patient’s ethnicity). The underlying “cause” of your wide or heavy jaw plays a factor in the technique that is used to narrow the appearance of the jaw. Generally, options available at Edmund Kwan, MD include:

  • Minimally-invasive injections – When precisely injected, Botox causes the enlarged muscle to become smaller over time. It does so by relaxing the muscle, preventing the contractions that result in everything from deep furrows to bulky jawlines. It’s important to know that Botox only works for those patients who have overworked muscles; it won’t change an angular jawline that is due to the actual structure of the face or jawbone.
  • Surgical reduction – For patients who aren’t good candidates for minimally-invasive techniques, you are in luck! Dr. Kwan offers many approaches to alter the appearance of your jaw for good. A portion of your jaw may be shaved down. Likewise, for permanent results (and as an alternative to Botox that lasts for around six months), Dr. Kwan may remove muscle. Due to the precise nature of treatment, removing the muscle boosts your appearance by reshaping the contours of your face. It doesn’t adversely affect chewing and other functions.

For surgical reduction, the specific technique depends on the amount of bone that needs to be removed to get the desired facial balance. More information on what to expect before, during, and after surgical treatment is available in the FAQs section of this website. Edmund Kwan, MD also welcomes your questions about jawline reduction. Call 718 661 4580 to schedule your complimentary consultation.


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