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NY area doctor describes keloid scar removal

Keloid Scar Removal from Dr. Edmund Kwan

Patients in the NY area who are dealing with keloid scars know how troublesome they can be. These scars are a result of inflammation from past surgical procedures, pimples, ingrown hairs, or any form of trauma to a specific area of the body. They may even be uncomfortable for patients, itching, burning, or stinging. Patients of African and Asian descent are most at risk for developing these types of scars due to their darker skin pigmentation. However, Dr. Edmund Kwan, MD of the NY area offers surgical and non-surgical keloid scar removal for patients of all ages and ethnicities.

There are several benefits to the removal of keloid scars. The procedures are safe and can provide a reduced appearance. Patients with keloid scars in very visible parts of the body may have improved self-confidence, and those who are dealing with uncomfortable keloid scars can seek relief with removal. Dr. Edmund Kwan, MD speaks with patients to determine which type of removal is appropriate.

There are many ways a doctor can reduce or remove keloid scars on the body. Corticosteroid injections can be done to reduce the appearance and discomfort of keloid scars, while laser excision may help as well. Surgical removal is often suggested for larger, more troublesome keloid scars and it may involve the use of a laser, knife, or scalpel.

Patients in and around the NY area who believe they may be able to reduce the appearance and problems associated with their keloid scars are encouraged to contact Dr. Edmund Kwan, MD to learn more about the ways in which keloid scar removal may be beneficial. During an initial consultation appointment, patients can determine whether this procedure is appropriate for them. An examination allows Dr. Edmund Kwan, MD to educate patients on the ways in which keloid scar removal may be beneficial for self-esteem and aesthetics. His practice allows patients the ability to learn about the many surgical and non-surgical options available to transform the appearance of their face, body, and skin.

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