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For procedures you can’t find elsewhere, latest technology for facial contouring, turn to Queens NY surgeon

Latest Technology for Facial Contouring in Queens NY area

Regain youthful facial definition. Reveal a smoother, more contoured forehead. Awaken tired eyes. Banish a bulky facial shape. All these improvements and more can be seen, without injections or going under the knife. Board-certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon, Dr. Edmund Kwan, uses the latest technology for facial contouring so Queens NY area patients can see their post-treatment selves long before the procedure date.

Edmund Kwan, MD – Where unparalleled expertise and sophisticated tech meet

From his offices in Flushing, Manhattan, and Fort Lee, Dr. Kwan offers procedures that are hard to find in the United States. Without Dr. Kwan’s surgical expertise in areas such as cheekbone reduction, jawbone reduction, or forehead contouring, patients would have to travel to other parts of the world to benefit from these procedures. Dr. Kwan’s patients are diverse –like New York City’s multi-cultural and multi-ethnic makeup – and his treatments are, accordingly, diverse. Edmund Kwan, MD patients not only know they’re in good hands with the surgeon’s extensive, diverse experience and skill, but they also benefit from his investment in the latest technologies to complement treatment planning.

Dr. Kwan and his team stand apart from other practices in and around NYC with the Vectra H1 hand-held imaging system. This system requires no special preparation. It’s fast and as simple as “sitting for your photo.” The advanced camera renders high-resolution, three-dimensional images that can be viewed and manipulated with a few keystrokes.

The Vectra’s software has the capacity to take many different facial captures, and “stitch” them together automatically into a single 3D image. You get an up-close look at any features or conditions you wish to change, as well as how specific procedures will alter those features or conditions to achieve your goals. In this way, you can take nonsurgical and surgical procedures for a “test drive,” without the commitment! Viewing these images together, you and your doctor can discuss specific areas you want to change (and how you want to change them), and you can see results from a single procedure, as well as from treatment alternatives or results (amplified!) with complementary treatments.

Vectra features, to boost patients’ natural facial features, include:

Beautiful young woman with clean fresh skin on face

  • Color contouring – Built-in “modes” allow Dr. Kwan to show you those areas of the face that may be depressed or lax. Areas of the mid-face, for example, are shaded in gray so you can clearly see where opportunities for improvement with corrective procedures are.
  • Proprietary RBX® — This technology isolates red or brown skin components. So, subsurface conditions are pinpointed, which offers unmatched visualization of sun damage, such as brown spots and broken capillaries, and other skin concerns.
  • Contour and volume measurement – In one click, Dr. Kwan can measure the degree of contour or volume difference and show it to you via a “color distance map.” This graphical representation allows patients to see exactly how much a procedure can lift, augment, or reduce loose, sunken, or prominent areas.
  • Dynamic tracking of skin changes – “Automated markerless tracking” is another way of referring to changes that can be seen digitally, in real-time, as a dynamic assessment of tightening, lifting, and other procedures that alter facial tissues. You and your doctor can view arrows that indicate the precise direction of skin movement, and the degree or magnitude of surgical repositioning. This feature is helpful when exploring the various outcomes of different procedures, and to refine treatment techniques.
  • Automatic measurements – 3D images are also accompanied by analytics, such as measurements of the distance between the nose, upper lip and lower lip, and the angle of the nose in relationship to the lower part of your face. In turn, a profile shot for those patients who may be considering treatments like a rhinoplasty or nose job helps them better understand their “starting point,” and the degree of correction they wish to achieve with surgical intervention.
  • Trademarked Face Sculptor® — Dr. Kwan can “sculpt the dream,” first by using computer software and, later, by using his artistic eye and surgical skill. Review the outcomes of each treatment you may be considering — from cheek, forehead, and mandible augmentation or reduction, to injectable treatments for nonsurgical contouring like soft tissue fillers and Botox.

Dr. Kwan’s patients love that they’re able to access their pictures via a secure, password protected ViewMyConsult® portal. This feature allows you to consider treatments from the privacy and comfort of your home, at your leisure.

During your complimentary consultation, he’ll also discuss any other concerns you may have, including fees and payment options. Many patients are pleasantly surprised by Dr. Kwan’s competitive fees – exceptional service from a highly-skilled and experienced surgeon (who has trained many of the area’s doctors) without the prohibitive costs.

To schedule a consultation in Queens, call Dr. Kwan’s Flushing office at 718 661 4580.


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