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What are the benefits of breast reduction surgery?

There are two major benefits of breast reduction surgery. From a purely physical point, a patient with very large breasts is likely to suffer from shoulder, back and neck pain, and breast reduction surgery can help alleviate that pain. The second benefit of breast reduction surgery is the improvement in the aesthetics or physical appearance of the patient.

The surgery helps to improve the shape and size of the breast and it is lifted up to an appropriate position, improving the aesthetics of the breasts substantially. Patients with sagging breasts may have to wear a very tight bra to support their breasts. But following breast reduction surgery, many patients do not even need to wear a bra, because they will have breasts that look much nicer in their clothes, bikinis or bathing suits.

Breast reduction also allows the patient to become more physically active and participate in sports or other physically exacting situations. Very large breasts tend to pose a hindrance to many physical activities, so the patient feels more free, flexible and lighter following the surgery.

Firm and younger looking breasts following the surgery can also have a substantial positive impact on the patient’s self-esteem and personality. Many patients feel happier and attain a more positive outlook about life. They can experience an improvement in their performance at home as well as at work. Their confidence in their own body improves and they conduct themselves more comfortably in social settings.

However, it is important to understand that the benefits of breast reduction surgery can last for a long period of time only if the patient maintains a balanced diet, active lifestyle and regular fitness and exercise. In the absence of a healthy and active lifestyle, it may not be possible to enjoy the benefits of the surgery for very long. Pregnancy after the surgery may also lead to weight gain around the breast area in some cases.

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