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Asian plastic surgeon spotlights popular procedures at his New York City office

Many of Edmund Kwan, MD’s patients are thrilled to know they don’t have to travel overseas to benefit from procedures that are often associated with Asian patients and Asian plastic surgeons. As a New York City Asian Plastic Surgeon Board-certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, Dr. Edmund Kwan has demonstrated both technical competence and built a practice with a diverse patient base.

Asian Plastic Surgeon in New York City

When patients first visit with Dr. Kwan, they are often seeking to achieve facial balance or a well-proportioned physique. These goals may be safely achieved with a wide variety of procedures performed at Edmund Kwan, MD’s AAAASF-certified ambulatory surgical facility; for instance, breast augmentation boosts cup size while also boosting confidence because patients often love how clothes drape on post-procedure bodies, or find it’s far easier to find clothes that fit their new shape. A “flat” profile or facial features that detract from beautiful harmony and symmetry (such as a bulky jawline on an otherwise slight face), can be remedied with several surgical procedures tailored to the patient – from rhinoplasty (nose job) to forehead contouring. Regardless of your specific treatment plan, Dr. Kwan balances the desire for aesthetic improvement with the desire to remain authentically you, working within and not against each patient’s ethnicity.

The cornerstone of this approach is the initial no-fee consultation, which includes evaluating your areas of concern and discussing how you’d like to change those areas. From there, Dr. Kwan recommends treatment options, and will go over potential risks of surgery and anticipated results so you have realistic expectations about what the procedure can achieve. Dr. Kwan has more than 18 years of experience as a plastic and reconstructive surgeon, treating many different types of patients – expertise that forms recommendations for treatment. From this consultation, he may determine that you are a great candidate for procedures such as:

  • Forehead contouring – Your surgeon reduces bony irregularities or applies safe materials for reshaping to create a softer, sloping forehead or to correct a flattened profile.
  • Brow lift or blepharoplasty – Both of these procedures have the effect of opening the eyes, achieving an alert and youthful appearance in the eye zone. Repositioning the brows smooths out forehead wrinkles and wakes up the eyes. The eyelids themselves may be altered. Many of our patients of Asian descent may request the creation of a pretarsal crease or fold in the upper eyelid. Dr. Kwan can also surgically remove excess, saggy tissues above and underneath the eyes.
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  • Rhinoplasty – Like a sculptor, Dr. Kwan reshapes the nose. There are many ways to transform your face with a nose job, including narrowing the nose, adding height to the bridge, removing humps and other irregularities, boosting the projection (bridge to tip), and correcting flared nostrils.
  • Cheekbone reduction or contouring – If you’re bothered by how your upper cheeks overwhelm the rest of your face, the bone can be reconfigured or reduced. The lower part of the cheeks can be reduced, too, by removing fatty tissue.
  • Jaw reshaping – Just as bulky cheeks may not be in harmony with other facial features, a bulky jawline can also overpower the rest of your face. Dr. Kwan may remove and reconfigure bone, as well as the masseter muscle. These powerful muscles play a vital role in chewing and can become overdeveloped and contribute to a heavy jawline.
  • V-line surgery – This multi-faceted treatment both reduces the jawline and reshapes the chin, transforming a squared-off face into that sought-after “melon seed” or “goose egg” shape that exudes femininity.

Young pretty woman touching her soft skin

Just as Dr. Kwan can transform any portion of the face, he can also alter any part of your body for cosmetic improvement. In addition to breast enlargement, patients can benefit from a breast lift, liposuction, and tummy tuck or abdominoplasty. Non-surgical alternatives like Botox and fillers may also be suitable for some patients who desire to soften expression lines, and improve the appearance of wrinkles, or hollow areas that have experienced fat loss.

Call (212) 734 4488 to schedule your consultation at the Manhattan office of Edmund Kwan, MD. You can also schedule an appointment at our Queens office (718-661-4580) or our Fort Lee location (212-947-3636).


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I had a reconstructive open nose surgery and ten days later scars are nowhere to be seen. If I had not seen the threads I would not have believed it was an open surgery. I am very happy with the outcome. He did exactly what I had asked and even better! Dr Kwan is not talkative, but I was looking for a doctor who I can trust and not someone who promises the mountains and delivers nothing - as it had happened with another doctor in the past. I had good feelings for Dr. Kwan and I am glad I was right about him.
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