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How does Botox work?

Botox and fillers Procedures from Dr. Edmund Kwan

Botox is a toxin which has the capability to paralyze a muscle. When a patient receives a Botox shot, the toxin will affect the neuromuscular junction of the relevant muscle. The Botox toxin travels in and blocks the nerve and this in turn, results in the ceasing of stimulation of the muscle by the nerve. As time passes, the affected muscles will continue to become smaller. Moreover, the frowns in the facial expression area are also temporarily eliminated. Since the Botox toxin stops the nervous stimulation of the muscle, it becomes smaller with time as well. However, all the effects of the toxin are reversible. In six months’ time, the prior appearance and size of the muscle and the functionality of the nerves returns to its earlier nature.

Applications of Botox

Due its paralyzing property, Botox is used by almost all cosmetic surgeons to bring about a rejuvenated look in their patients’ faces. Using Botox, surgeons are able to take away the unaesthetic wrinkles and grooves found in areas of the face like the forehead, brow and the sides of the eyelid. In addition to the facial area, Botox is used to treat several other areas of the body like the jaw and the calf, as well. In both of these areas, Botox is used to reduce the size of the muscle.


Unlike many other cosmetic procedures and surgeries, undergoing a Botox treatment does not presently entail any type of recovery period. However, some patients who get a Botox shot may experience some black and blue coloring of the skin. Moreover, patients are also advised not to engage in exercises for a day. Since getting a Botox shot is an in-office treatment, patients can go home immediately following the treatment. Therefore, a Botox treatment does not entail any type of major recovery period.
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