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What is a facelift?

cosmetic surgery procedure for facelift

A facelift is a cosmetic surgery procedure which is used to tighten the skin of the face as well as to lift areas of the face that’s hanging. Hence, a facelift, essentially, improves the wrinkles on the face of a patient and also the sagginess of the face and neck area.

The cosmetic procedure of a facelift involves undermining the skin covering the face and redraping it along with the muscle. In addition, the fat is also tightened and the fat underneath the face is redistributed and tightened higher. As a result, the structure of the face that is sagging due to gravity can be pulled up and also the redistributed fat due to aging can also be restored. Lastly, the wrinkles and the damage caused from the sun and environment to the face can also be improved by stretching and lifting the skin.


With the aging process, men and women may develop normal wrinkles and folds under their face. In addition, they also tend to develop lines that appear around the nose and mouth area, causing even more of an aged appearance. These types of lines tend to come up on the side of the nose and drape down to the lip. As skin and muscle tone continue to change with age, it is possible that the lines around the nose and mouth will become increasingly more severe, spreading down to the jaw area below. These various areas of concern then become the major component of the face, masking the youthful exuberance you may feel on the inside. Facelift surgery in the hands of an experienced cosmetic surgeon such as Dr. Edmund Kwan can refresh your entire facial aesthetic so that you can feel like your true self.

Similar to facial conditions which develop with aging, the appearance of the neck area changes with time as well, sometimes referred to as ‘turkey neck.’ Since this is caused due to excess fat, the neck area can be liposuctioned and the skin can be lifted in a facelift to restore the smooth contour of the neck.

In conclusion, one of the main benefits of a facelift is that patients end up with a higher cheek, lifted cheek area, a smoother jaw line, and a smoother neck. At the end of the day, a facelift will make patients look more youthful.

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