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Transform the appearance of your face with safe forehead contouring surgery in Fort Lee NJ

Dr. Edmund Kwan offers many surgery options including contouring to augment, reduce, or reshape the upper part of your face in Fort Lee NJ.

The forehead gets a lot of attention in plastic and cosmetic surgery circles. Today, you can rejuvenate wrinkled, fallen, or sunken areas of the forehead non-surgically with injectable treatments like Botox, or you can turn to a board-certified plastic surgeon like Dr. Edmund Kwan for surgical procedures such as a brow lift or forehead contouring surgery in Fort Lee NJ. The issues these procedures may seek to correct can be similar or related. Each option is available at Edmund Kwan, MD and can restore youthful vibrance and beautiful facial harmony for the right patient. Dr. Kwan combines a high degree … Continue reading

New York NY patients enjoy many options for face contouring treatment to balance beautiful features

Dr. Edmund Kwan helps patients love the look of their cheeks, jaws, and foreheads

Contouring and highlighting with makeup helps to enhance those features you love, while minimizing other areas, for a more attractive, symmetrical and sculpted appearance. Face contouring treatment in New York NY at the office of board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Edmund Kwan provides lasting results – no maintenance required! What is facial contouring? There is not any single treatment to achieve the face shape and features you’ve always wanted. Instead, contouring spans an entire category of procedures, and they are selected only after closely examining your face and consulting with you about your goals and preferences. Treatment plans are based off … Continue reading

New York plastic surgeon understands Asian patients’ unique needs to achieve their goals with nose job surgery

Asian Nose Job in New York at the office of Edmund Kwan, MD.

While every patient is different, as a board-certified surgeon with experience treating many patients of Asian descent, Dr. Edmund Kwan understands these patients’ unique anatomies. There are considerable ethnic nasal and facial variations. These differences are important, because they influence the best approach or technique taken for rhinoplasty or Asian Nose Job in New York at the office of Edmund Kwan, MD. In general, Asian patients tend to want to address the following features with rhinoplasty procedures; Short nasal bones Wide or bulbous tips Wide nasal bases Inadequate projection, when the tip doesn’t point out enough Rounded, flared, and overly … Continue reading

Turn to a board-certified plastic surgeon in Fort Lee NJ for cheekbone reduction surgery as unique as you are!

Edmund Kwan MD’s surgical center is accredited for utmost safety and peace of mind.

In some cultures, the position and plumpness of the cheekbones is associated with leadership qualities; prominent yet balanced cheeks are considered to be indicators of boldness, confidence, and ambition. In many western cultures, high and well-defined cheeks are also coveted, but these characteristics can elude many patients. Also, age-related changes can cause formerly prominent apples of the cheeks to “fall,” leading to a sunken, tired, and overall aged appearance. These patients may seek out plastic surgeons like Dr. Kwan to boost, enlarge, or otherwise augment cheekbones. This augmentation can be done with implants or soft tissue dermal fillers. Yet, every … Continue reading

Transform your face and confidence with safe, straightforward forehead contouring in Queens NY

Dr. Kwan is experienced with also treating irregularities to the forehead caused by congenital conditions and other trauma.

When many people think of beautiful facial features, they may consider bright eyes and full lips before a curved, smooth forehead. But the forehead represents a quarter to almost 50 percent of the facial surface area. So, it’s importance can’t be overstated. The upper face also forms the platform for “age estimation,” so it tends to be the focus of patients seeking facial improvement. Researchers have actually found, in studies where eye tracking is used, subjects tended to hover on the upper part of the face. They scrutinized it more than any other area. It’s no wonder so much time … Continue reading

Transform or restore desirable contours with effective face reduction treatments in New York, NY

Face Reduction in New York NY

Many plastic and cosmetic surgery offices in NYC focus on offering services to augment or plump up the face. As a Board-certified plastic surgeon experienced in working with Asian patients, Dr. Edmund Kwan understands there are many men and women who desire the opposite of those conventional services that may be available at other surgical centers. Whereas some cultures value high and prominent cheekbones, others place immense value and find great beauty in smaller, more delicate features (including the cheeks). The latter type of patient generally doesn’t desire dermal fillers to add more prominence to the cheeks. Likewise, these patients … Continue reading

Restore facial balance and confidence with jawbone reduction techniques in New York, NY

Jawbone Reduction New York NY

Does your face shape not “match” your softer, more delicate features? Do you hide sharper angles behind your hair? Perhaps, your face appears more angular and less oval than it once did? Board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Edmund Kwan, and his skilled team in Manhattan, Flushing, and New Jersey can help you attain the face shape and overall feminine features that may have always eluded you. Likewise, they can correct the root cause of unwanted changes to your appearance over time. Depending on the source of your concerns, jawbone reduction in the New York, NY area at the offices of Edmund … Continue reading

Skilled surgeon coordinates breast augmentation with cancer treatment in New York City for the best outcome

Breast Augmentation Treatment New York City

Concerns over the appearance and feel of post-mastectomy breasts should not hold you back from the successful recovery you deserve. Breast augmentation treatment in New York City at the offices of Dr. Edmund Kwan aids in your journey to feeling and looking like “you” again. We’re honored to be a partner in your recovery, and work with your oncologist as a part of your multi-disciplinary cancer care team. A word on timing Coordination with all members of your cancer treatment team is vital. A Harris Interactive study released by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons found only 19 percent of … Continue reading

Achieve beautiful balance and contours with safe and skilled cheekbone reduction treatment in Queens, NY

Achieve beautiful balance and contours with safe and skilled cheekbone reduction treatment from Dr. Edmund Kwan.

Cheekbones (or zygoma) play big roles in the overall appearance of the face. The shape and size of the cheekbones help or hamper the look of other facial features; for example, big eyes may appear smaller when overwhelmed by wide cheeks. Likewise, smaller eyes may look bigger when paired with attractive, beautifully-proportioned cheekbones. In turn, few procedures can dramatically improve the appearance of the face quite like cheekbone reduction treatment in Queens, NY. Few plastic surgeons in New York City and beyond have the training and expertise to offer this type of surgery. Instead, what you may come across is … Continue reading

Cosmetic surgeon in New York explains how a brow lift is done

Dr. Kwan Edmund explains how a brow lift is done.

You’re content. But people think you’re angry. You’re well-rested. But people say you look tired. The birthdate on your driver’s license is far younger than the reflection in the mirror indicates. If these types of concerns trouble you, you’ve come to the right place to achieve a youthful, pleasant, well-rested appearance! A Board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Edmund Kwan safely and skillfully improves the appearance of the eye area and, in some cases, visual acuity. While your trusted cosmetic surgeon in New York explains how a brow lift is done, Dr. Kwan only knows if it’s the best approach for you … Continue reading

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V-Line Surgery

Jaw reduction, Chin implant, Chin Shaping
This procedure involves establishing a V-shape contour of the lower face by modifying the jaw line.

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