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Breast reconstruction gives patients in NYC a boost of confidence in their appearance

Breast cancer can strike suddenly and patients are faced with treatment that can be overwhelming and isolating. Mastectomies are a vital and necessary treatment that can save a woman’s life, but they can take a harsh toll emotionally and physically.

Dr. Kwan and his team understand that the process of going through reconstruction is difficult and are here to guide you through the entire process. They are experienced in making the process as easy and positive as possible. Our NYC team will deliver compassionate care and provide all the information you need to successfully restore an important part of yourself.

Deciding which route to take

When planning breast reconstruction, we employ a team approach to ensure the best possible outcome. We offer several modes of reconstruction, including implant-based and flap based. Deciding which method will work best for you is determined by your preference, but we can help with support and guidance.

Candidates for breast reconstruction

Most women who have undergone mastectomy are appropriate candidates for reconstruction. Many have the reconstruction at the same time as the breast is removed. Other patients opt to wait. For some, this is to allow them the time to cope with cancer and treatment. For others, it’s the desire to minimize the number of surgeries done at once.

During your consultation, we will inform you of all your options so you can make a decision that works best for you.

After the surgery

Following breast reconstruction, you will be in the hospital for several weeks and then you will need to recover at home for approximately two to six weeks. While reconstruction does not return normal breast sensation, over time many patients report regaining feeling.

If you are in the NYC area and would like a consultation for breast reconstruction, call 212 734 4488.

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