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How long does it take to recover from reconstructive surgery?

Reconstructive Surgery Recovery New York City

Reconstructive surgery involves restoration of any damaged or surgically removed external portion of the body. It includes restorations for cases such as; any major broken bones on the face in an accident or an assault, or restoration of a part that has been disfigured during tumor removal. If the patient has received a major permanent scar in the aftermath of a surgery or accident, it may also be removed with the help of reconstructive surgery.

The recovery period following reconstructive surgery varies depending on the nature of the procedure performed. In a case where the patient undergoes reconstruction surgery following a car accident that resulted in major broken bones on the face, it may require one to two months to recover completely. On the other hand, a patient who undergoes reconstructive surgery for scar removal may recover within a week after the surgery.

Breast cancer patients may undergo a mastectomy, thereafter, the patient may choose reconstructive surgery for rebuilding the lost breast. This is a common procedure for patients of mastectomy. It may take about 3 to 4 weeks for the patient to recover fully and resume normal activities after the reconstructive surgery.

If the physical deformation or disfigurement is very serious, it may require very complicated reconstructive surgery procedures to restore the damage. So, the recovery time will depend on the extent and degree of the surgery undertaken to restore the damage. Sometimes the patient may require repeat surgery, which will prolong the recovery period.

If the patient is young and is in good general health, the recovery tends to be faster. In minor reconstructive surgeries also, the recovery is fairly quick. In many cases, the full results may take more time to show, but the basic recovery of the patient’s health and fitness may take place much faster.

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