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Achieve beautiful balance and contours with safe and skilled cheekbone reduction treatment in Queens, NY

Cheekbones (or zygoma) play big roles in the overall appearance of the face. The shape and size of the cheekbones help or hamper the look of other facial features; for example, big eyes may appear smaller when overwhelmed by wide cheeks. Likewise, smaller eyes may look bigger when paired with attractive, beautifully-proportioned cheekbones. In turn, few procedures can dramatically improve the appearance of the face quite like cheekbone reduction treatment in Queens, NY.

Achieve beautiful balance and contours with safe and skilled cheekbone reduction treatment from Dr. Edmund Kwan.

Few plastic surgeons in New York City and beyond have the training and expertise to offer this type of surgery. Instead, what you may come across is cheek reduction that removes the buccal fat pad. This procedure may be suitable for those with chubby cheeks, or to reduce the appearance of the lower part of the mid-face. However, buccal fat reduction does nothing to address the appearance of the upper part of cheek. Plus, you may not desire nor need fat reduction. It is far easier to find doctors offering the opposite of what you seek: cheek augmentation or enlargement, often with treatments such as fillers. Dr. Edmund Kwan and his team offer such options, but in his more than 18 years as a practicing, Board-certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon, he has found many patients benefit from and accomplish their cosmetic goals with reduction of the actual bone – not fat reduction and certainly not cheek enlargement!

A note on Asian plastic surgery

Dr. Kwan’s highly specialized expertise are of Asian descent.

While patients from different ethnic backgrounds may benefit from cheekbone reduction, many of the patients who seek Dr. Kwan’s highly specialized expertise are of Asian descent. Generally, Asian patients have wider cheekbones and jawlines than Caucasian patients. For this reason, Dr. Kwan’s Caucasian patients may frequently desire more prominent cheekbones or jawlines, whereas the opposite is typically needed for Asian patients. Large cheekbones can result in excessive angularity and a more masculine cheek shape that affects the entire look of the face. Shaving down or otherwise reducing the bone helps to create youthful, soft, delicate and, moreover, feminine features.

A skilled surgical team and safe environment are available in NYC at an American Association for Accreditation of Ambulatory Surgery Facilities (AAAASF)-certified center. By partnering with our Board-certified surgeon in an accredited ambulatory surgical facility, the serious risks you may have read about online (such as nerve damage) are avoided. Don’t trust your health and beauty to anything less than a skilled and experienced specialist with a history of helping Asian patients achieve the appearance they’ve always desired, without all the risks.

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What to expect from cheekbone reduction 

All procedures begin with an initial consultation. During this consultation, Dr. Kwan will evaluate your areas of concern and features, and your medical history. He’ll also answer your questions and discuss goals with you. It’s important to:

  • Maintain realistic expectations about treatment
  • Follow pre- and post-operative instructions provided by the surgical team

By correcting the bony protrusions that make your face look too wide, or create unbalanced contours, Dr. Kwan achieves a sleek, slim, and softer appearance. It’s amazing to see how much more well-defined other features look when the size of the face is reduced via cheekbone reduction!

Dr. Kwan employs less invasive techniques that are generally associated with fewer side effects and shorter healing times.Instructions are:

  • Tailored to your specific needs
  • Based partly off supplements and medications you may be taking, as well as existing medical conditions
  • A must to minimize the risk of complications, such as bleeding
  • To be followed closely for healthy healing and a speedy recovery

Wherever possible, Dr. Kwan employs less invasive techniques that are generally associated with fewer side effects and shorter healing times. For example, he’ll access the bone through incisions inside the mouth. Once the bone is accessed, it will be repositioned to create the patient’s desired effect. Bone settles into this new position during the healing process. Notably, this technique eliminates the plates and wires that have traditionally been used for cheekbone reduction. Bone may also be filed down to reduce the width of the face.

It’s common for patients to experience some localized discomfort, swelling, or bruising. But following Dr. Kwan’s instructions for pain management and post-operative healing will help to bring the lasting beautiful results to the surface. Schedule an appointment (212) 734 4488 at our Manhattan, Flushing, or New Jersey office and be sure to visit the FAQs section on the home page for more info.

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