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Why might patients consider scar removal treatment in NYC?

Treatments for Scars in the New York City Area

Scars may be the result of a wound, surgical procedure, or an injury. Depending on the way the wound heals, it may develop into a very unsightly scar. Some can become extremely obvious and unsightly, especially when they develop on areas of the skin that are exposed. This affects the appearance and self-confidence of those who have them, and may become a source of stress for many individuals who are worried about the way it makes them look.

There are many methods of scar removal in NYC. Many patients may visit a dermatologist and use topical treatments and creams meant to reduce the color and appearance of the scar, while others may use injections to address them. Others may find that the only way to address their scars is with surgical revision. Patients with scars such as keloid scars, which are extremely visible, may find surgery to be the best method of removal for their concerns. However, patients are warned that even with scar removal, the scar may appear less visible but cannot be completely removed or erased from the skin.

Many patients seek scar removal treatment due to the appearance of the scar and the way it affects their self-esteem. Others with keloid scars may want them removed due to itching and stinging. Anyone who is bothered by a scar on their body may be a viable candidate for scar removal treatment. Patients who have not seen results with other methods such as injectables and topical treatments may resort to surgery.

The best candidates for scar removal treatment are those who live a healthy and active lifestyle, and have realistic expectations for the reduction or removal of the scar.

Dr. Edmund Kwan, MD, of NYC, is happy to provide new and existing patients with the methods necessary to improve the aesthetics of their face, body, and skin. Patients of all ethnicities can find solutions to their cosmetic concerns through his practice, and are welcome to contact his facility to schedule a consultation appointment.

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