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What are the benefits of a tummy tuck?

The tummy tuck is among the more popular procedures in cosmetic surgery because of its great benefits to the patient’s appearance. Following either a very large pregnancy, following surgery to the belly, or due to the aging process, the abdomen may become stretched out. Just doing a liposuction or trying to tighten the tummy with physical exercises may not help to reduce the loose skin.

There is no effective replacement for tummy tuck surgery to remove excess skin and tighten muscles. Liposuction alone can produce only limited results, whereas a tummy tuck tightens the muscle and removes all the excess skin. With a tummy tuck, the patients will end up with a scar in the lower part of the belly, but it is usually very well concealed.

In addition to a flatter belly and a reduction of the waistline, a tummy tuck also helps to improve the appearance of stretch marks, if not eliminate them entirely. The stretch marks below the navel in particular tend to get removed along with the incision of excess skin.

Apart from the cosmetic benefits of a tummy tuck, in special circumstances it may also be necessary as a medical procedure. Patients who undergo gastric bypass surgery for weight reduction may end up with large folds of loose skin. There may be a risk of this loose and sagging skin catching a fungal infection. Therefore, in absence of a tummy tuck surgery to remove this excess skin, the patient may be exposed to a health risk.

The benefits of a tummy tuck procedure can be very long lasting. Patients can enjoy not only an improved physical appearance, but also an enhancement in their self-confidence and attitude. They may feel more encouraged to maintain a healthy and energetic lifestyle following the surgery. In any case, it is critical to maintain a physically active routine and follow a balanced diet in order to enjoy the benefits of tummy tuck for a long time.

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