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A tummy tuck in Queens NY tightens muscles and skin while removing excess fat

The abdominoplasty procedure, better known as the “tummy tuck,” is one of the most common cosmetic surgery treatments performed by plastic surgeons in the U.S. Only breast augmentation, liposuction, nose jobs, and eyelid surgery are performed more often than the tummy tuck. Abdominoplasty is a “powerhouse” treatment, because it can tighten muscles, shrink fat, and remove excess skin. Many other surgical and nonsurgical treatments available at your surgeon’s office are very good at treating a single cosmetic concern; for example, liposuction alone does a great job at suctioning out fat. But it doesn’t treat patients whose primary (or additional) concern is excess skin or a loose abdominal wall, brought on by dramatic weight loss or pregnancy.

Dr. Kwan with tummy tuck surgery alone or combined with liposuction

Liposuction can be combined with abdominoplasty to work wonders on patients who have stubborn fat and stretched-out skin and muscles. Variations of the full tummy tuck surgery in Queens NY are available at the office of Edmund Kwan, MD. You don’t need to have significant loose skin and fat or the need for muscle repair to benefit from the abdominoplasty procedure.

A Board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Kwan recommends techniques based on the amount and location of the “excess”; the shape, length, and number of incisions varies from patient to patient due to each individual’s unique needs for contouring. Regardless of your needs, partnering with a surgeon with extensive experience and training results in desirable outcomes and minimal scarring. Patients who have a history of scarring have been thrilled by the beautiful shape that’s left behind, nothing more. Dr. Kwan’s experience with a diverse array of patients offers peace of mind, because there are some pigmentation issues that tend to arise among those with darker complexions. He understands the challenges and potential risks and takes those unique considerations into account when determining the best technique for darker-skinned patients.

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Surgical skill makes the difference in how your body heals and responds to the surgery in the weeks and months following treatment. Many of Dr. Kwan’s patients are surprised by how quickly they recover post-surgery. Your surgeon’s skill plays a big role in a healthy and speedy recovery; however, you must follow the specific instructions provided by Dr. Kwan to ensure you enjoy fast healing, too.

Young lady with extra fat and skin

Generally, if you are healthy and have skin laxity in addition to excess fat, abdominoplasty is your answer. If a once-tight abdominal wall is now loose, a standard tummy tuck may be the only way to achieve complete muscle repair.

  • For very small patients or those with more modest needs for tissue removal, the “mini” version of a standard tummy tuck targets the lower abdomen – in the area between the pubic bones and belly button. A small incision between the hips is hidden well by swimwear and other garments. Underlying tissues may also be accessed and tightened through these incisions. The smaller the procedure is in scope, the quicker the recovery and the more cost-effective the treatment; however, Dr. Kwan and his team take great pride in minimizing complications through surgical skill and planning, and in having reasonable rates, especially when compared to competitors in the NYC area.
  • For those patients who require tissue removal and tightening between the belly button and pubic region, a full or standard abdominoplasty can get the results you desire. The above alternative doesn’t touch the belly button, but a standard tuck does – repositioning the skin around your belly button and bringing it through a small incision that is closed into its “normal” position. The hip-to-hip incision and scarring is hidden along the natural crease at your bikini line. Dr. Kwan can also adeptly tighten the fascia (connective tissue) over the abdominal muscles.

As its name suggests, an extended tuck extends as far up as is necessary to remove excess skin. Depending on your needs, the incision length may be longer along the sides than what is typically associated with a standard or traditional abdominoplasty.

The tummy tuck with liposuction may be “staged,” or completed within the same appointment at Dr. Kwan’s AAAASF-certified ambulatory surgical facility in NYC. You may even wish to try lipo and then take a “wait and see” approach of three to four months as the skin conforms to your slimmer contours. If you’re still not satisfied with the results, additional treatment may be recommended.

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