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Asian plastic surgeon in Fort Lee, NJ explains how V Line Surgery creates an oval-shaped face

Asian plastic surgeon in Fort Lee, NJ explains how V Line Surgery creates an oval-shaped face

The appearance of your skin and facial shape can either make you look years younger (or older) than you are. Your eyes, nose, mouth, and chin are viewed not as parts but as a whole, which makes the relationship between these features more important. Any imbalance is immediately noticeable. V Line Face Surgery in Fort Lee NJ at the office of Edmund Kwan, MD creates the ideal “V-shaped” contour of the lower face. A V-shaped face is associated with a youthful appearance and is characterized by:

  • A slim lower face
  • Defined and curved jawline
  • Sharp chin

When these features are viewed together, they contribute to a small, oval-shaped face with a defined, yet small lower third or chin.

The effect of age-related changes

The loss of collagen and elastin and the pull of gravity can cause the face to droop, which alters its shape. The nasolabial area around your nose and mouth can look more noticeable, while the jawline itself loses definition and appears to blend in with the neck.

Board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Edmund Kwan, is an “Asian plastic surgeon.” This is an important distinction when considering plastic surgeons in and around Fort Lee. Dr. Kwan has extensive experience treating many different types of patients, so he understands the anatomical differences as well as the differences in beauty standards from ethnicity to ethnicity, and culture to culture; for instance, in many western cultures, a square face and broad smile may be coveted whereas many Asian women desire the “melon seed” or “goose egg” facial shape because it conveys femininity and youth. Dr. Kwan helps patients achieve their specific goals, while preserving their ethnicity and authenticity.

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How V line surgery transforms your look

Young attractive girl in the white background

Patients with a protruding or square jaw who feel that their lower face looks too bulky or masculine may benefit from the V-line procedure. Contouring with makeup or fillers have limitations and are not permanent “fixes.” Surgery is the only way to effectively get to the root of the concern: Reducing the jawline to achieve balanced facial proportions.

At heart, the surgery modifies the jawline based on how the jaw appears in relation to other facial features; however, the V-line approach isn’t limited to correcting an oversized or square jaw. Here, Edmund Kwan, MD walks you through what to expect during the process:

  • Comprehensive consultation and exam – Details about the surgery are explained. The doctor will also chat with you about options for anesthesia at our AAAASF-certified ambulatory surgery facility, and ways you may need to prepare for surgery.
  • Day of – After anesthesia is safely administered, Dr. Kwan accesses underlying tissues and precisely reduces the angled bone along the mandible or lower jaw. Excess bone is removed or buffed, creating a nice, smooth sloping jawline and an overall oval appearance. The amount of reduction depends on your goals (and will be discussed during your consultation). After the jawbone is shaped, your surgeon makes the masseter muscle smaller with a precise debulking technique. This muscle runs from ear to chin, and aids in chewing. As such, it tends to be quite bulky. Some habits such as teeth-grinding can cause the muscle to become overdeveloped. It’s common for portions of the masseter to be removed or reduced to slim the sides of the face.
  • Final step – The chin is reshaped. A short chin may be lengthened, or a long chin may be shortened. Reshaping can be accomplished with an implant. Afterward, incisions are closed.
  • Healing – Dr. Kwan will discuss well in advance what to expect (and what to do) following surgery. Like other surgical procedures, it’s common to have some swelling or tenderness, numbness, and “tightness,” particularly when you chew food. These effects are temporary and will subside as nerves and tissues heal.

It’s important to understand that the process of getting the V-line facial shape isn’t a single surgical procedure; it’s an approach tailored to your unique anatomy and personal preferences. Jaw reduction by itself may not be enough to get that lovely, oval shape.

Call 201-947-3636  to schedule your consultation with Dr. Kwan at the Fort Lee, NJ office. If the Manhattan office is more convenient, please call  212 734 4488. Our Queens office in Flushing can be reached at 718-661-4580 .


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