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NY area patients ask, what is eyelid ptosis?

NYC Doctor Dr. Edmund Kwan Explains Eyelid Ptosis

When patients are dealing with a drooping upper eyelid, they may be suffering from a condition known as eyelid ptosis.

What is eyelid ptosis?

Eyelid ptosis is the medical term for excess skin and dropping of the upper eyelid that can affect the vision as well as one’s aesthetic appearance. It may be bothersome in terms of blocking one’s vision or making patients look older or more tired than they truly are. When patients want to address eyelid ptosis, they are welcome to visit Edmund Kwan, M.D. to learn about the options for treating eyelid ptosis.

Who can get eyelid ptosis?

Eyelid ptosis can occur to anyone, but it is often seen in Asian patients. Many Asian patients experience limited movement of the levator muscle which can result in the drooping upper eyelid and may be a concern for them in regards to vision obstruction and aesthetics.

What treatment options are available?

The only way of addressing eyelid ptosis is with surgical intervention. Dr. Edmund Kwan, MD is a plastic surgeon in the NY area who offers treatment for eyelid ptosis. In most cases, the levator muscle needs to be tightened to provide less overhang. Not only will the doctor tighten these muscles but he can also remove any excess skin and can improve the appearance of the eyelid crease.

How much does treatment cost?

Treatment varies from patient to patient, so it is important for individuals who are interested in having surgery done to learn more about the procedure and the costs involved. Our practice can also provide financing options to make treatments more attainable.

Dr. Edmund Kwan, MD of the New York area encourages patients with eyelid ptosis to see him in his state-of-the-art practice and discuss restorative options to help in opening up the eyes and bringing patients a feeling of self-confidence. Using some of the best techniques, Dr. Edmund Kwan, MD can help patients of all ages in addressing some of the most bothersome skin and body concerns in his facility. Contact him today to book a consultation appointment and initial examination to learn more about facial surgeries that can boost one’s appearance and make them look more youthful than ever before!

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