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Who can benefit from a plastic surgeon for Manhattan, Flushing, and New Jersey areas?

benefit from a plastic surgeon for Manhattan

Body image can have a direct effect on the way one lives his or her life. Patients who have struggled with imperfections of their body may not be living the best quality of life. When patients want to address areas of concern, they often visit a plastic surgeon serving Manhattan, Flushing, and New Jersey such as Dr. Edmund Kwan.

Dr. Edmund Kwan is an NYC plastic surgeon who has the experience and expertise to provide an improved body image and a more youthful facial appearance by using a myriad of services. He also provides non-invasive cosmetic procedures including injectables such as Botox and Fillers. Patients who are ready to take charge of their appearance are encouraged to consider plastic surgery.

Plastic surgery can be the answer to any physical problem. Patients with breasts that are too large or too small can address them with breast augmentation surgeries. Patients who have had breast cancer surgeries (mastectomies) may benefit from breast reconstruction, which provides implants for those who have had their breast tissue removed. Facial concerns such as an unusually shaped nose, sagging eyelids, or an undefined chin or jaw line can be improved with the use of plastic surgery. Patients can make minor adjustments to their appearance or dramatic transformations—depending on their desires and their budget.

Most adults ages 18 and older can benefit from plastic surgery. Patients must first have a full evaluation. Very few plastic surgeries are done for patients under the age of 18, and only at younger ages with the consent of a parent or guardian.

Making positive changes to the way one looks can assist in improving self-confidence and giving a better outlook on life. Many patients find that their plastic surgery experience becomes an important milestone in which their life has drastically improved. These treatments can provide emotional and physical enhancements for both men and women.

If you live in the NYC area or the surrounding communities, including Manhattan, Flushing, and New Jersey, and have considered plastic surgery, contact Dr. Edmund Kwan today to schedule an initial consultation visit and learn about the ways in which surgical intervention can improve your life!


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