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All you need to know about inflammations explained by Dr. Edmund Kwan

What is inflammation?
Inflammation is divided into two - acute inflammation and chronic inflammation.

What is acute inflammation?
Acute inflammation is a process or a mechanism developed by our body to fight off infections and invading organisms.

What inflammation, in essence, it's an immune response. Something foreign enters our body, our body mounts a response to get rid of it. Why? because if bacteria and viruses enter our body, and if it just stays there, replicates and multiplies, then our body, our cells will die.

What happens during an immune response?
For instance, when you get a little cut on your arm and then there is a little bacteria that enters, it becomes red and swollen.

It's red because our body is pumping in more blood to bring in all the stuff that you need. It becomes swollen because it's going to pump in, all these immune system reds into that area to fight off all of that.

What is Chronic inflammation and is it bad for your body?
Chronic inflammation is what is bad for us. It is an extension of acute inflammation, or it could be a separate thing. It is clear to our body, when a bacteria, parasite or virus enters it must clearly neutralize it.

However, if something that enters our body like a toxin from processed food, then our body doesn’t recognize it and it doesn’t unleash this massive acute inflammation response.

Instead, our body mounts an immune response and just gives a fly response and keeps it monitored.

Is there a difference between chronic inflammation and acute inflammation?
Unlike acute inflammation, where our body pumps in a lot of blood to that area, in chronic inflammation the opposite happens. In chronic inflammation, in fact, the blood flow slows down. Meaning, the small blood vessels that feed oxygen and nutrients to the cells, shutdown literally. Then, the cells undergo these 3 stages. They die, they get diseased or get cancerous. In most cases they become diseased. Call Dr. Edmund Kwan on 212 734 4488 for an initial appointment and consultation visit.

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