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In our blended world society, we may each crave something different when it comes to our own appearance. Dr. Kwan, an experienced cosmetic surgeon, treats patients of all ethnicities with an eye for providing desired results. We understand that, although you may long for certain aesthetic aspects, you want to remain authentically you. When providing Asian plastic surgery in our New York City facility, Dr. Kwan is considerate of each patient’s desired ethnic identity. He provides services to patients in the Manhattan, Flushing, and New Jersey areas, and is committed to helping adult patients look their best!

Dr. Kwan appreciates the needs of patients. He strongly believes that the desire for an aesthetically pleasing nose or eyelid fold is not solely related to a traditional “Caucasian” look but can be a significant improvement for an attractive “Asian appearance” too. Asian men and women alike may find their desired aesthetic through treatment tailored to their unique goals.

What is Asian rhinoplasty?

Asian rhinoplasty is a surgical treatment that is used to reshape the nose. A greater degree of harmony and balance may be added to the Asian face by slightly enlarging the nose in the rhinoplasty procedure. This can improve both the overall frontal appearance of the face as well as the patient’s profile. The procedure is typically not done for medical reasons, such as a deviated septum. It is specifically to help improve the look of the nose and keep it within the ideal cosmetic standards of today’s society.

Asian Nose surgery at Edmund Kwan, M.D.

Asian Nose surgery at Edmund Kwan, M.D.
What is Asian nose surgery? How long is the surgery and what are the complications involved? Watch the video to get all your questions answered as Edmund Kwan, M.D. explains.

What is Asian Nose surgery?

This is Dr. Edmund Kwan, today I will be talking about the Asian Nose surgery. Many Asian patients have bridges and noses that are flat at the tip and very droopy and wide.

The surgery involves raising the bridge of the nose. This is usually done through a nose implant in my office, by making a customized nasal implant, customized to every patient by me and placed in the dorsal or bridge of the nose.

What is the benefit of Asian Nose surgery?

If there are any bumps on the nose, they are smoothed out, and the implant is placed to achieve a nice aesthetic appearance.

However, this will not lift the tip of the nose. Many Asians have a tip of the nose that is very droopy.

To deal with the tip of the nose, cartilage is obtained from the septum of the nose, or the knife cartilage from inside the nose is removed and then used to build the tip of the nose.

This makes the tip of the nose sharper, higher, and matches the bridge of the nose giving a beautiful end result.

How long is the surgery and what are the complications involved? Surgery usually lasts about one and a half hours, and there are a few complications involved. Nose implants are the best material to be used for the bridge of the nose.

These implants are permanent, have extremely low complication rates, and there is a very high satisfaction rate among the majority of the patients.

How is Asian rhinoplasty completed?

During Asian rhinoplasty procedures, patients will have their nose reshaped in a way to ensure better balance and aesthetic appearance. This requires a professional who has extensive knowledge of the anatomy of a typical Asian patient’s nose. The Asian nose is different from a Caucasian nose as it often has a flatter bridge and wide nostrils. To achieve a proper look, the Asian rhinoplasty augments the nose to be more prominent. This includes creating a higher bridge and a sharper tip of the nose that is in a better proportion of the face. This is different from traditional Caucasian rhinoplasty procedures where most individuals are seeking a smaller, less prominent nose area in comparison. Patients may want specific changes to their nose or facial elements through plastic surgery and are welcome to have additional procedures performed at the same time as their Asian rhinoplasty. This may include a facelift, brow lift, or other cosmetic treatment to improve the appearance and profile of the face. During the consultation appointment, patients can speak to the doctor about different areas of the face or body they’d like to address. This procedure can be completed in conjunction with other services such as eyelid surgery.

Model after Asian plastic Surgery

What are the possible side effects and complications of Asian rhinoplasty?

Plastic surgery has possible side effects with each procedure. Patients can discuss the risks and side effects of having an Asian rhinoplasty procedure. All surgical treatments have a degree of risk associated with them, whether it is related to the anesthesia or the results. Dr. Edmund Kwan discusses possible side effects and complications of the Asian rhinoplasty with potential patients during their initial evaluation and consultation appointment. Patients should be well-educated on what they can expect before, during, and after their procedure. Common concerns that may develop with rhinoplasty procedures include the risk of infection, scarring, and asymmetry after the swelling and bruising have subsided. Additionally, patients will need to speak to their provider about the amount of time they need to take off work, school, or social gatherings to ensure they have adequately healed.

Asian plastic Surgery Before and After
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After doing the Asian plastic surgery to a patient 1
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Candidate for Asian rhinoplasty procedures

Who is a candidate for Asian rhinoplasty procedures?

Most patients who want to improve their facial or profile appearance with Asian rhinoplasty procedures will want to consult with our doctor to determine if they are a proper candidate. During an initial evaluation and consultation appointment, Dr. Edmund Kwan will examine the patient and determine if they could benefit from this or other surgeries. He uses 3D imaging using Vectra, which allows patients to see their photos with facial reductions or augmentations before the procedure. This allows patients to see what the changes will do to their overall appearance using today’s fantastic computer technology. Patients also take this first chance to become comfortable with their doctor and speak to Dr. Edmund Kwan about their medical history to determine candidacy.

Why choose Dr. Kwan?

Best Plastic Surgeon NYC, Edmund Kwan, M.D for facelift surgery

Dr. Kwan’s ample experience in ethnic surgery has provided him with both the technical expertise and artistic eye to make subtle changes within the boundaries of each patient’s ethnicity. It is also essential that such changes be in balance with the remaining facial and body features and structure. Over twenty years of experience and technical competence make such issues a matter of simple judgment for Dr. Kwan. Dr. Kwan is one of the very few doctors in the USA who performs these surgeries and offers exceptional services to those who are considering Asian rhinoplasty or other facial or body procedures. Don’t let the 5th Avenue NYC address intimidate you! Dr. Kwan and his work are not expensive, and instead are affordable and comparable in cost with other area plastic surgeons, but with quality work and with a doctor who is an expert in ethnic surgeries. Dr. Edmund Kwan also has board certification through the American Board of Plastic Surgery, ensuring that he has the skills and education to perform cosmetic procedures properly. Many patients find that with years of experience comes amazing, beautiful, quality results from every surgery provided by Dr. Kwan and his team!

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Best Plastic Surgeon NYC, Edmund Kwan, M.D for facelift surgery
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