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Facial Reconstructive Surgery in the NYC Tri-State area

Facial deformities can be a source of continuous embarrassment and low self-esteem for an individual. Such facial deformities might be the result of a face injury, trauma, cancer surgery, or even other surgeries. However, with facial reconstruction, Dr. Kwan can help you step out of the shadows and be proud of your face and your overall profile. Dr. Kwan uses his technical expertise and eighteen years of experience to judge how patients with facial deformities can be helped.

Some patients may have suffered facial trauma and may be left only with disfiguring scars. If there is no bony injury at all, Dr. Kwan removes the scars with a simple skin graft or closes it up leaving a nearly invisible thin line.

Before and After Photos

Dr. Edmund Kwan, Edmund Kwan M.D, Reconstructive Facial Surgery NY - Facial Reconstruction Surgery, Before
Bell's Palsy Paralysis - Before
Dr. Edmund Kwan, Edmund Kwan M.D, Reconstructive Facial Surgery NY - Facial Reconstruction Surgery, After
Bell's Palsy Paralysis - After
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For patients with bony injuries, Dr. Edmund Kwan focuses on place reductions of the broken bones. The affected bones are broken up again and repositioned to give a more aesthetically pleasing profile to the face. If patients are still unhappy with the end result, they are taken in for secondary reconstruction. In secondary reconstruction, Dr. Kwan may use simple implants or fat induction techniques for depressed areas. Both these methods adopted by Dr. Kwan are straightforward and effective in camouflaging fractures.

What our patients say


I recently had an accident that resulted in an extensive laceration to the very prominent part of my face. When the laceration repair work & stitches performed by specialists at the Emergency Room and the hospital where I sought treatment following the accident turned out to be subpar at best, I was fortunate to find Dr. Edmund Kwan.

Dr. Kwan is a great diagnostician. Thanks to his keen ability to attend to details and the depth of his experience, Dr. Kwan was able to identify the problem and offered a real solution. His approach was prompt, precise, and straightforward. Under his exceptionally skillful hands, the wound had to be excised and carefully put together again, but I could not be more pleased by the result and his truly outstanding skill.

Equally impressive is his dedication to his patients. His entire staff at his office is friendly, efficient, and respectful. Having to face a potential disfigurement resulting from the facial laceration has been difficult; however, knowing that I am in good hands with Dr. Kwan who could deliver the best possible result has brought me a sigh of relief.

In short, Dr. Kwan is exceptional in every respect, representing the epitome of what a plastic surgeon should be, and has the complete command of his specialty. While his impressive credential and proven records should speak for itself, I will simply add that Dr. Edmund Kwan is a consummate professional. I would highly recommend Dr. Kwan to others.
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Cancer patients suffer the most from large facial defects. Patients may be left with large open areas in the face where the cancer has been removed. Depending on how long it has been since surgery, Dr. Kwan assesses whether to use skin grafts or to elevate flaps or even rearrange tissues to fill in the deformed area. Although these are Dr. Kwan’s commonly used set of techniques, he also presents patients with a variety of other options which will help them achieve their aesthetic dreams.

Facial reconstruction can be a life-changing procedure in a patient’s life. Dr. Kwan’s ultimate goal is to help patients find a way to realize their aesthetic ambitions irrespective of how gloomy the situation might look. If you think facial reconstruction can help you come out of the shadows, talk to Dr. Kwan right away! Geared with technical expertise, eighteen years of experience and a perfect artistic eye.
Dr. Kwan is the best person to provide you with a life-changing solution.
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Best Plastic Surgeon NYC, Edmund Kwan, M.D for facelift surgery
Dr. Edmund Kwan, M.D. is a board certified plastic surgeon in New York specializing in plastic and reconstructive surgery. Dr Kwan is committed to performing non surgical and surgical procedures to help his patients restore a more youthful appearance with natural and beautiful results. Connect with Dr. Edmund Kwan, M.D. on Linkedin

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