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Brow Lift Surgery In The NYC Tri-State Area

For many years, the eyes have been described as the windows to the soul. It is through facial expression using the eyes that we communicate without words. The use of the same muscles over and over again, in time, leads to what we call dynamic wrinkles. When the skin is young, supplied with vital nutrients naturally produced in the body, dynamic wrinkles disappear when we relax the face. In older skin, dynamic wrinkles tend to remain visible at all times due to changes in body chemistry affecting the skin.

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Dr. Edmund Kwan, Edmund Kwan M.D, Brow Lift Surgery, After
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Drooping or sagging eyebrows can spoil the beauty of your eyes and bring an aged look to your face. With a New York City Brow Lift, Dr. Edmund Kwan can help you bring back the impact of those beautiful eyes, irrespective of your ethnicity or age!

Dr. Kwan's New York City Brow Lift procedure focuses on correcting drooping brows. In the process, Dr. Kwan will also improve and fix any creases and lines which have crept into the forehead. Patients are often unsure of whether they need eyelid surgery or brow lift surgery. This is why Dr. Kwan places special emphasis on hearing the patient's expectations and goals before making a decision about the needed procedure.

What our patients say


Dr. Kwan performed a major surgery on my face 2 months ago, including eyebrow lift, facelift, upper and lower eyes. I am very impressed and delighted with the results. I look like myself only refreshed and younger. People never realized that I had anything done! They just thought I looked very well. Dr. Kwan enhanced my beauty without altering it which was exactly what I wanted. I am looking forward to the future knowing that I will only get better as I heal. I had heard of Dr. Kwan's reputation as one of the best plastic surgeons and I can't agree more. He is a skillful and very talented surgeon. The proof is now on my face. On the side, his office was beautiful, clean with state of the art equipment. The staff was professional and carding.
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In his eighteen years of experience, Dr. Kwan has seen many patients who request eyelid surgery but are likely to benefit more from a New York City Brow Lift procedure. Sagging eyebrows tend to crowd the area around the upper eyelid, causing patients to think that they need eyelid surgery. As a part of the brow lift procedure, Dr. Kwan nimbly removes the excess tissue and then re-drapes it to form a forehead which has a smooth and flawless finish. Dr. Kwan also pays special attention to minimizing frown lines and lifting the upper eyelids.

If your eyes are telling the world something you wish not to communicate – age – brow lift surgery with a highly experienced cosmetic surgeon is the best way to regain satisfaction in your skin.

Different types of Brow lift procedures explained by Dr. Edmund Kwan

A brow lift will rejuvenate the area and put the brow back in its position, where it was when the client was younger. This can be done in different procedures.

Dr. Edmund Kwan likes to do Coronal Brow lift procedure which is done within the scalp. With this procedure, the scars will be hidden in the scalp. Call Dr. Edmund Kwan at Edmund Kwan, M.D. Manhattan to get an appointment to learn more about a brow lift procedure today.

What is a brow lift procedure?
This is a procedure done to lift the brow. Many surgeons and patients don't recognize this problem and they feel that the brow is not sagging.

What causes the brow to sag?
As we age as with everything in the face everything falls. This is a combination of skin sagging, gravitational pull and muscle-loosening. What happens in the brow area is that when the brow falls patients cannot see well because the extra skin is crowding their upper eyelid.

In order to compensate this, patients naturally sort of raising their eyebrows and keep it in that position. They don’t even know that they are doing this, but they so that they can see better.

What does the brow lift do?
The brow lift is done to rejuvenate that area and put the brow back in a position it was when the patient was younger. It can be done in different procedures. I like to do what is called a coronal brow lift which is done within the scalp, so the scars are all hidden in the scalp.

Are there other procedures for this?
- Endoscopic brow lift - the problem with this is that it won’t last that long and it gives the patients an artificial look - Another is the brow lift can be done with an incision right around the eyebrow itself, this lifts very little and you see the visible scar.

How is the coronal brow lift procedure done?
I have been doing this for over 25 years, it is done through an incision in the scalp, and the surgery is done by going all the way down to the brow area, I remove the frown muscle, and I also loosen the tissues around to lift it and excess scalp a small amount is removed and tightened inside the hair.

Patients usually recover within a week . It’s a very quick recovery some swell up a little more than others there is some bruising involved, however, patients can get back to work within a week. And they can look really good in two weeks

Make an appointment today with Edmund Kwan, M.D. today to find out more about Browlift procedure.

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