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Scar Removal Treatment in the NYC Tri-State area

Scars come in a variety of shapes and sizes based on the ethnic background and skin type of the patient. Dr. Kwan provides precise treatment to help improve the look of the skin by minimizing or improving the appearance of various types of scars.

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Dr. Kwan's Scar Removal Treatment is provided in our offices in New York City, Flushing, and New Jersey, and is based on the following categorization of scars:

Hypertrophic Scarring: This type of scarring can be seen as raised red lumps on the skin. Prime causes of such scars include infection, poorly closed wound or tension. Since hypertrophic scars do not spread to areas outside the original wound, their appearance is more likely to improve with time.

Keloid Scars are of a more serious nature as they tend to spread out to areas outside the original wound and may evolve into a tumorous growth. Keloid scars take on a thick and large appearance. They are usually redder or darker than the surrounding skin. Keloids may be itchy and / or painful. They may have irregular borders and appear shiny or dull. Not everyone is prone to the development of keloid scars, which often appear on areas where there is little underlying fatty tissue. Those who do develop this type of scar benefit greatly from precision removal, which facilitates both emotional and physical wellbeing.

What our patients say


I had a reconstructive open nose surgery and ten days later scars are nowhere to be seen. If I had not seen the threads I would not have believed it was an open surgery. I am very happy with the outcome. He did exactly what I had asked and even better! Dr Kwan is not talkative, but I was looking for a doctor who I can trust and not someone who promises the mountains and delivers nothing - as it had happened with another doctor in the past. I had good feelings for Dr. Kwan and I am glad I was right about him.
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Widespread Scars: This category of scars is most commonly found in "moving" areas of the body such as the arms and legs.

Through the Scar Removal Treatment, Dr. Kwan carefully removes excess scar tissues and reduces the visibility of the scar. With his expert judgment, Dr. Kwan may recommend injection of steroids or application of a silicone (silastic) gel to flatten the scar.

Regain your confidence! Successful Scar Removal Treatment by Dr. Edmund Kwan

Dr. Edmund Kwan, M.D. in New York, NY says there is no need to for you to live with scars as he can guide you through the best Scar Removal treatment plan that will work for you as scars depend on many factors including the ethnic nature of the patient and the location of the scar.

What is scar removal procedure?
Scar removal is a very tricky area for any of us in plastic surgery because it is unpredictable.

Scars themselves depends on many factors and these factors include your ethnic background. Meaning that certain ethnic people tend to get worse scars than others.

Does scarring differ from individual to individual?
Certain ethnic people tend to get the worst scars than others.

For instance, if you have darker skin you can get thicker scars. If you have lighter skin like many of the Caucasians your scar tends to be much better and flat.

Then even within the ethnic population, certain people just develop thick scars and you don't think that they would.

Scars not only depend on the ethnic nature of the patient but also on the location where it is.

What causes bad scarring?
If you close these cuts in the different parts of your body under a lot of tension, you really pull the skin together to close it that scar will be worse.

If you have a contaminated wound that scar will be worse. If it becomes infected like when you have a dog bite or a human bite then that scar can be really bad.

Scar is a huge subject and it depends on who it is and what part of the body and how you got it on.

There is no need for you to live with scarring to regain your confidence call us at Manhattan (212) 734-4488 | Flushing (718) 661 4580 | New Jersey (201) 947 3636

There is no need for you to live with a scarred personality and confidence simply because your appearance is scarred. A single sitting with Dr. Kwan will help you realize how his unmatched track record can help you realize all your aesthetic dreams and expectations.
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