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Breast Lift Surgery in the NYC Tri-State area

Breast Lift New York City procedures are a common request by many of Dr. Edmund Kwan’s patients. Breast Lift procedures are also known as Mastopexy.

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Dr. Edmund Kwan, Edmund Kwan M.D, Breast Lift NYC - Breast Lift Surgery, Before
Dr. Edmund Kwan, Edmund Kwan M.D, Breast Lift NYC - Breast Lift Surgery, After
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In his 15 years of experience in plastic and reconstructive surgery, Dr. Kwan has seen many patients who are more concerned about the “firmness” of their breasts rather than its size. While patients have the correct breast size, their breasts may suffer from sagging. Possible reasons for such sagging include aging, weight loss or pregnancy. Dr. Kwan diagnoses such patients as ideal candidates for breast lifts.

During the mastopexy or breast lift New York City procedure, Dr. Kwan removes the excess skin and lifts the breast. Once the breast has been lifted, Dr. Kwan nimbly re-drapes the remaining skin. The final result is a firmer, fuller and attractive breast. In addition to this, Dr. Kwan uses his artistic eye to position the nipple in a more attractive manner. This adds onto the youthful appearance of the breast.

What our patients say


I’m a patient there since 2000.About 5 weeks ago I had breast reduction and breast lift. What a fast recovery!! I was able to go back to work after 4days of my surgery. I had terrible pain on my back and shoulder (because of weight on my breast) now all the pains are gone. The shape just came out beautiful Dr.Kwan did such a amazing job. He called and checked on me how I was doing after 2days the surgery. (I was so impressed) also I’m so pleased about their staffs. Rebecca the manager there, I know her since 2000 she was so nice the whole time She constantly called checking on me. She explained to me what I should do before and after the surgery so kindly. The whole time I felt so comfortable and pleased. I feel like I’m living new life again!

Great doctor and great team!!!
Thank you for all!!!
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Dr. Kwan also provides his patients with the options of having a breast lift and augmentation simultaneously. If patients opt for this, breast implants are inserted during the mastopexy.

Dr. Kwan strongly believes that the success of his practice lies in helping his patients achieve their aesthetic dreams in an attractive yet realistic manner.
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Dr. Edmund Kwan, M.D. is a board certified plastic surgeon in New York specializing in plastic and reconstructive surgery. Dr Kwan is committed to performing non surgical and surgical procedures to help his patients restore a more youthful appearance with natural and beautiful results.

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