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Eyelid Ptosis Surgery in the NYC Tri-State area

Upper eyelid ptosis is a very common condition among Asian patients. It is prevalent in aging Caucasian patients as well. Often these patients present with a droopy upper eyelid on one or both sides which results in vision obstruction. There are multiple etiologies for this condition. The muscles, which are mainly responsible for elevating the upper eyelid, are the levator palpebrae superioris, the Mueller's muscle, and the frontalis muscle in the forehead. The forehead muscle is merely an accessory muscle, and plays a minor role in elevation of the upper lid. The two main muscles, the levator and the mueller's muscles, are critical in proper function of the upper eyelid.

If the levator muscle is stretched out or loose, as in aging patients upper lid, there will be some degree of ptosis. In addition, if the levator has limited movement, as in Asian patients, there will be ptosis.

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Dr. Edmund Kwan, Edmund Kwan M.D, Eyelid Ptosis Surgery NYC - Repair Droopy Eyelid - Before 1
Dr. Edmund Kwan, Edmund Kwan M.D, Eyelid Ptosis Surgery NYC - Repair Droopy Eyelid - After 1
*Individual results may vary
Dr. Edmund Kwan, Edmund Kwan M.D, Eyelid Ptosis Surgery NYC - Repair Droopy Eyelid - Before 2
Dr. Edmund Kwan, Edmund Kwan M.D, Eyelid Ptosis Surgery NYC - Repair Droopy Eyelid - After 2
*Individual results may vary
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The second muscle, called Mueller's muscle, which is under involuntary control (autonomic nervous system), can contribute to ptosis. Patients with nerve injury or Bell’s palsy can have upper eyelid droop.

Regardless of the cause of upper eyelid ptosis, the surgical repair is the same. By tightening, or advancing, the levator muscle, ptosis can be improved markedly. The upper lid function can be restored. The upper lid appearance can be normal. The upper eyelid crease can also change when the levator is operated on. With upper lid ptosis, the upper lid crease will appear very unnaturally large. By fixing the muscle, the crease returns to a more natural size. This surgical repair can be done on either one or both sides.

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I have known and trusted Dr. Kwan professionally for many years, and now recently as a patient. We chose him to remove a complicated growth on a very delicate area of my daughter’s eyelid, and his work was impeccable. Dr. Kwan was thorough in his explanations, recovery was prompt, and the outcome was excellent. His offices and operating room are pristine, and the staff at both Manhattan and NJ offices are professional and kind. His anesthesiologist put my daughter at ease and assured that she never felt pain.

Dr. Kwan treats each individual with thoughtfulness, honesty, and precision. His extensive operative experience and credentials should give anyone full confidence that he will provide a beautiful outcome. I have personally seen other examples of his work, and all have been delighted with their results. I fully entrust Dr. Kwan with any plastic surgery needs and continue to recommend him highly to my family, friends, and patients. He is a gifted surgeon and a wonderful person. We are so grateful!
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The forehead wrinkles, which results from the forehead muscle contracting (frontalis), can be much improved by fixing the ptosis. When the upper lid opens properly, the forehead muscle is no longer needed to open the eyes. The forehead muscle will then rest when the upper lid opens the eye and the forehead wrinkles disappear.
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