Liposuction surgery in NYC
Achieves what diet and exercise can’t – trimming stubborn, localized fat

Many of us would like to trim inches from around our middles, or wish our old pants and dresses fit better. We may be a healthy weight, yet no matter how hard we exercise or how well we eat, we just can’t seem to tighten our bellies or shrink our thighs. This is where a specialist such as Board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Edmund Kwan, comes into play. Using his extensive experience and specialized skill with the latest techniques and technologies, Dr. Kwan sculpts those areas of stubborn fat that don’t respond to traditional weight loss methods. Liposuction surgery in the NYC Tri-State area at one of Dr. Kwan’s three offices, in Manhattan, Queens, and New Jersey (Fort Lee) makes such a significant difference, because it actually diminishes the number of fat cells in a given area. Sensible diet and consistent exercise, however, only shrink the size of those fat cells. Moreover, techniques such as targeted exercises don’t address the real cause of localized fat, which can be due to hormonal changes that cause pockets of excess to be redistributed. By eliminating fat cells, this surgical intervention offers predictable outcomes and achieves lasting results, as long as patients retain their healthy weight and lifestyle.


All treatments at Edmund Kwan, MD start with a complimentary consultation. Dr. Kwan may determine you are an excellent candidate for liposuction surgery if you:

  • Are within 30% of your ideal weight
  • Have firm and elastic skin
  • Boast good muscle tone
  • Are in good health, don’t have medical conditions that can threaten healing
  • Abstain from tobacco products, which increase your risks of complications
  • Have a good outlook on the procedure, realistic expectations, and are willing to follow pre- and post-surgical instructions

Generally, that preparation involves either limiting or avoiding medications or supplements that can increase your risks of bleeding. Your physician in conjunction with Dr. Kwan can advise on adjustments that you need to make in the days or weeks preceding your surgery. Lab testing and medical evaluation is a must, alongside discussing your goals for treatment specifically with Dr. Kwan, since most any areas that give rise to stubborn fat can be treated – from the face (under-chin) to the calves and ankles.

Dr. Kwan may determine you are an excellent candidate for liposuction surgery
Liposuction – Are you a viable candidate? - Dr. Edmund Kwan
Liposuction – Are you a viable candidate?

Meet Jess – she is an architect. She maintains a good lifestyle to lose weight and stay fit but she still has that stubborn fat that does not go away.

Like Jess, do you have those stubborn pockets of extra fat that may take years to lose?

We feel your pain and we have the perfect solution for you.

Liposuction is a type of cosmetic surgery that breaks up and sucks out the fat from the body. This is an ascetic procedure that will change and enhance the contours of your body but it is not a weight loss solution.

To be a candidate for liposuction you must be in good health without conditions that could complicate the surgery.

Liposuction treatment targets the abdomen, back, buttocks, chest, inner knees, hips, love handles, the neck line and the areas under the chin, thighs and upper arms.

This treatment may sometimes be used for breast reduction or treatment of gynecomastia. Liposuction permanently removes fat cells altering the shape of the body.

An unhealthy lifestyle after the operation can cause the remaining fat cells to increase in size and volume. As with any surgery liposuction carries some risks that may include infection, numbness and scarring.

Discussing with the doctor before the surgery is important. During the operation, some liposuction procedures may require only local anesthesia. The procedure may last up to several hours depending on the extent of fat removal.

Results are subtle rather than dramatic. Within several months the treated area will have a leaner appearance.

Dr. Edmund Kwan can help you find the perfect solution for those stubborn fat pockets.Call us or visit us for more details


All surgical procedures are performed at Dr. Kwan’s AAAASF-certified facility. Dr. Kwan has performed thousands of surgeries from this center. So, you can trust that all safeguards are in place. Just as the specific technique used to transform your body is personalized to you, the type of anesthesia and sedative used to keep you comfortable and to allow for stress-free treatment is also discussed well in advance of the procedure, and tailored to your needs and preferences. The procedure itself has never been more predictable in terms of successful results with minimal risks, due to advanced techniques. Generally, Dr. Kwan uses specialized tools to make tiny, discreet incisions in the skin and to loosen fat in a gentle manner from beneath the skin. This fat is then suctioned out through a small hollow, straw-like tube or cannula.

Enjoy the results!

Your overlying tissues will contour to your trimmer shape once post-lipo swelling and fluid retention has subsided. Edmund Kwan, MD will also provide directions on how to care for the surgical site, and signs to watch for to ensure you are healing in a healthy manner. As with all surgeries, there is some risk of complications, from bruising to infection. By partnering with a skilled specialist who administers the procedure from a certified medical facility, and by following instructions as provided by your doctor, these risks are minimized. As you get older, it’s not unusual to experience some changes in firmness; otherwise, the results from treatment are long-lasting. Just as liposuction is not a substitute for weight loss procedures, it is also not a substitute for skin-tightening treatments that address laxity. Dr. Kwan can discuss alternative options or complementary procedures with you during the consultation.

Liposuction surgery Before and After

Before doing Liposuction surgery of a patient
After doing the Liposuction surgery to a patient
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Best Plastic Surgeon NYC, Edmund Kwan, M.D for facelift surgery

For patients who are undergoing facial fat reduction or tightening treatments, Dr. Kwan can show you the results from these procedures during your consultation, courtesy of the Vectra 3-D imaging system. He’s one of the few providers in the country to offer such virtual simulation technology. Likewise, you can also benefit from Dr. Kwan’s experience with a diverse, multi-ethnic patient base, and from his high level of skill (without the sky-high price tag). Call (212) 734-4488 to schedule your consultation.

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Your health is in great hands with Board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Edmund Kwan, and advanced, low-risk techniques.

When diet and exercise fail to make a difference in the appearance of your belly, butt, and other areas of stubborn fat, turn to surgical body contouring with liposuction.
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Best Plastic Surgeon NYC, Edmund Kwan, M.D for facelift surgery
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