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Patients in NYC and areas throughout New York and New Jersey chose Dr. Kwan because he is one of the top surgeons in the field, and he offers a wide variety of surgical and non-invasive procedures to contour and shape your face. Dr. Kwan has experience helping people of all ethnic backgrounds achieve their beauty goals. We encourage patients in the NYC and New Jersey area to reach out to us for a consultation to learn more about how we can help.

Wrinkles and sagging skin

As you age, your skin loses elasticity, and you may develop sunken eyes, crow’s feet, or a furrowed brow. Dr. Kwan offers a variety of non-invasive and surgical treatments to restore a youthful look to your face. Botox and dermal fillers can add shape and definition to target areas in your face and reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Facelifts and skin tightening can treat moderate or severe wrinkles in your face and neck, as well as tighten loose or sagging skin around your eyes, neck, and cheeks. Incisions are done with care to prevent visible scarring for a seamless improvement to the shape of your face.

Facial Shaping Procedures Before and After Done By Dr. Kwan

Before the treatment of Facial shaping procedures in NYC
After the treatment of Facial shaping procedures in NYC
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Model after Cheek and Jawline Shaping surgery

Cheek and Jawline Shaping

Changes in your bone mass as we age can weaken your jawline, and fat stores can create a jowly look. Dr. Kwan can improve the lines of your jaw using chin implants and shaping or a jaw reduction for a slimmer, V-shaped appearance. He can also reduce overdeveloped muscles in your jaw that can result in a square facial shape. This look is often balanced with cheek contouring to give your face a natural appearance. He may recommend a cheekbone reduction or removing fat stores around and between your jaw and cheekbone for a more pronounced jawline.

Nose shaping

If you’re unhappy with the shape of your nose, Dr. Kwan offers non-invasive dermal fillers and rhinoplasty for a balanced and natural-looking nose. He can smooth out bumps and other nasal imperfections, straighten a crooked nose, or change the size of your bridge. He can also reduce bunny lines that give your nose a wrinkled appearance, so you can laugh and smile with confidence. Because the nose has a unique healing pattern, Dr. Kwan will take a conservative approach to resize and sculpt your nose to help you attain your vision of the perfect nose shape. He will take extra care to improve your nose without compromising your ability to breathe.

Model after Nose shaping surgery

Experience you can trust

Best Plastic Surgeon NYC, Edmund Kwan, M.D for facelift surgery

Dr. Kwan has over 20 years of experience enhancing natural beauty with procedures that target imperfections while highlighting your best features. Part of cosmetic enhancement means talking with each patient to get to know what they like best about themselves, and the features they hope to change while persevering their identity and ethnic features.

Dr. Kwan will educate you on the processes and ensure you have a realistic understanding of how each procedure can help. Dr. Kwan can work with you to improve your confidence and love the person you see in the mirror each day by collaborating with you on a treatment plan that feels right to you. Patients from across the world can count on compassionate treatment. Dr Kwan has a fully certified operating room in his office, making scheduling and surgery very convenient and safe. Contact our office today at (212) 734-4488 to schedule your consultation.

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Best Plastic Surgeon NYC, Edmund Kwan, M.D for facelift surgery
Dr. Edmund Kwan, M.D. is a board certified plastic surgeon in New York specializing in plastic and reconstructive surgery. Dr Kwan is committed to performing non surgical and surgical procedures to help his patients restore a more youthful appearance with natural and beautiful results. Connect with Dr. Edmund Kwan, M.D. on Linkedin