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Breast Implants Surgery in the NYC Tri-State area

The popularity of Breast Augmentations in New York City has increased sharply within the past few years, as women become more familiar with their choices to enhance their figures. If you are not fully satisfied with your size, shape, and overall proportions, a skilled cosmetic surgeon can help you. Dr. Kwan believes that the ideal candidate is any adult woman who wants to have more attractive breasts, and has realistic expectations of the results possible with precise cosmetic breast augmentation.

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Dr. Edmund Kwan, Edmund Kwan M.D, Breast Implant NYC - Breast Implant Surgery, Before
Dr. Edmund Kwan, Edmund Kwan M.D, Breast Implant NYC - Breast Implant Surgery, After
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Breast augmentation is one type of mammoplasty procedure. Others include breast reduction and the breast lift. Augmenting the breasts means that they are enlarged to a more appropriate cup size. Today, your experienced cosmetic surgeon may use silicone or saline implants to accomplish your desired outcome. During your one on one consultation with Board Certified surgeon Dr. Edmund Kwan, you will be able to discuss your concerns and your goals, and hear details of the various types of augmentation surgery, from size to shape to texture of implants, even including the method in which implants are placed.

Breast augmentation is not a procedure of vanity. This treatment allows many women to improve their feelings of confidence in their bodies by enhancing their overall figure to ideal proportions. Women who have experienced pregnancy and breastfeeding, who have fluctuated in weight, or whose breasts never grew beyond a very small size may all benefit from augmentation suited to their precise needs.

What our patients say


Dr. Kwan performed a breast implant surgery on me and I could not be happier. He took all of my concerns and determined the perfect size for me. He is extremely professional and very understanding of what a patient needs in everyday life. Because he performs the surgery in his office, which has an operating room, it is very convenient, time-saving and does not have the coldness or intimidation of a hospital setting. His staff is kind, compassionate and goes beyond their duty to make the experience pleasant and comfortable. I felt like a princess when I woke up from the surgery. It was almost painless with very little discomfort after the procedure. The best part of all was that Dr. Kwan was there during recovery and didn't leave my side until I walked out of the office, with no help! The whole experience was better than I could have anticipated. Dr. Kwan takes his professionalism and remarkable surgical ability and adds sincere care to give you what you want. The surgery changed my life and has given me confidence. I am thankful all the time for the implants; they look natural and make me feel great about myself!
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Undergoing breast augmentation surgery leads to a number of significant benefits for the woman who has lived with small or sagging breasts. These include:
  • Finding it easier to fit into various types of clothing
  • Feeling more confident when wearing a swimsuit or lingerie
  • Finally feel comfortable with their own naked body
One of Dr. Kwan's key specialties is that his 15 years of experience has given him a sense of judgment regarding what is both aesthetically pleasing and appropriate for each individual. In case you are unsure of how appropriate the Breast Augmentation procedure is, sit down for a chat with Dr. Kwan in our New York City practice to discuss your aims and objectives. Dr. Kwan can help you get a better and clear understanding of how he can work with you to realize your expectations.

Dr. Kwan's expertise includes both saline and silicone breast implants. While he vouches for the safety for both types of implants, silicone breast implants have a better rating since they have gained FDA approval.
If you have the desire to put an end to your aesthetic worries, contact us to schedule your visit with Dr. Edmund Kwan.
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