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Forehead Contouring

As people become increasingly conscious of their appearance, an attractive face is very important. The New York City Forehead Contouring procedure offered by Dr. Kwan focuses on providing patients with a well-shaped and smooth forehead. It is amazing how Dr. Kwan can bring out your facial beauty with this simple procedure!

Before and After Photos

Dr. Edmund Kwan, Edmund Kwan M.D, New York City Forehead Contouring - Before Image
Dr. Edmund Kwan, Edmund Kwan M.D, New York City Forehead Contouring - After Image
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The forehead contouring procedure uses synthetic bone cement. This material is commonly used in reconstructive surgery. Using synthetic bone cement can create a noticeable and positive change in the shape of the forehead.

What our patients say


Dr Kwan understood what I wanted my face to look like, and worked with those results in mind, including the right follow-up procedures to maximise the results I wanted. I'm very pleased with the results and the convenience of having the procedures done at the same location as the consultations. The staff are very friendly and Dr Kwan is a skilled surgeon in whom I can fully trust.
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The procedure comprises of molding the synthetic bone in areas which need to be corrected. This molding helps bring a new contour to the forehead. The resulting contour is a subtle change which gives a softer and an aesthetically pleasing shape to the forehead.

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