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Eye lift surgery in NYC is very popular, as patients of Dr. Edmund Kwan discover how this procedure takes years off their appearance and can even improve their vision!

The problem: Tired, aging eyes

A Board-certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon, each day Dr. Kwan sees the toll that factors such as the environment, stress, and the march of time can have on the upper eyelids and the delicate areas underneath the eyes. He partners with a diverse array of patients, across a wide spectrum of ethnic backgrounds, to treat excess fat and skin around the eyes. Since your eyes play such an important role in overall facial appearance, even modest and gradual sagging and fat accumulation can make you look older than your years, and can make you seem far more tired, and less vibrant and vigorous than you actually feel.

Men and women alike may be unhappy with the appearance of their eyes and feel that their outer looks don’t match with their inner spirit and vitality. So, when Dr. Kwan and the team at Edmund Kwan, MD open up the eyes with procedures such as blepharoplasty, patients often get an additional inner “lift”; the confidence required to climb the professional ladder or engage in rewarding social activities is restored.

Model after Eyelift Surgery

The answer: Blepharoplasty

All procedures start with a consultation at one of Dr. Kwan’s three NYC area locations: in Manhattan, Queens, and Fort Lee, NJ. After discussing concerns with you, and evaluating your features and medical history, he may recommend blepharoplasty surgery, which is also known as an “eye lift” or “eyelid” surgery. Treatment at Edmund Kwan, MD is unique to each person. So, the technique or approach recommended for you may not be the best option for a family member or friend. The best candidates for blepharoplasty, which combines “blepharo” (for “eyelid”) and “plasty” (for “surgical repair”), may have:

  • Puffy bags underneath the eyes – The lower lids may be so heavy that they pull the eye downward, exposing the white sclera under the iris.
  • Droopy upper eyelids – Laxity at the natural contours of the lids may result in folds so severe that they interfere with a patient’s ability to see clearly.
  • Excess fat deposits – Eyelids may also appear puffy due to deposits of fatty tissue above the eyes.

Dr. Kwan safely and skillfully alters the upper and lower eye regions, restoring the youth and vision that age or other factors may have taken away. As part of this procedure, excess fat and skin may be removed, or muscles may be tightened. You can trust Dr. Kwan’s expertise to treat ptosis, which is a condition caused by weakened muscles that result in droopy eyelids. Depending on your needs and goals for treatment, Dr. Kwan may treat the upper or lower eyelids, or both areas.

Whatever the case may be, you can “see” the results from your blepharoplasty procedure before the surgery is scheduled. Edmund Kwan, MD is among a select group of practitioners to offer 3-D imaging with the Vectra system. You can compare detailed scans of your face before and after surgery, thanks to this advanced technology, and Dr. Kwan can illustrate exactly what to expect from the techniques used to improve the comfort and appearance of your eyes.

Blepharoplasty, step by step

Before your surgery is performed at Dr. Kwan’s AAAASF-certified ambulatory facility, he’ll provide instructions on medications or supplements that need to be adjusted to help minimize risks, such as bruising and bleeding. If you use tobacco, stop now. Smoking and nicotine-containing products interfere with healthy healing. While Dr. Kwan is trained to offer techniques tailored to your needs, generally tissues are accessed and manipulated by way of well-positioned incisions in natural folds and creases. The “excess” is removed and muscles are tightened (as needed) to provide adequate support to the eye. Afterward, incisions are closed, and you’ll get to enjoy your reinvigorated visage and vision! Full results may not be seen for a couple of weeks, as the swelling and bruising subside.

Eyelift Surgery Before and After Done By Dr. Kwan

Before doing Eyelift Surgery of a patient 1
After doing the Eyelift Surgery to a patient 1
Before doing Eyelift Surgery of a patient 2
After doing the Eyelift Surgery to a patient 2
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A note on sunken, hollow eyes

If your concerns revolve around the opposite problem, upper eyelids that have suffered from fat loss, Dr. Kwan has a safe and effective treatment for you. He can discuss options such as injecting a small quantity of fat into the area. The same technique can also be used to treat sunken lower lids that also give rise to prominent under-eye wrinkles. How can Dr. Kwan help you? Schedule your personalized evaluation to benefit from Dr. Kwan’s 18-plus years’ experience treating a diverse multi-cultural client base, with treatments that are a great value in NYC.

Trust the beauty and health of your eyes to Dr. Edmund Kwan

Best Plastic Surgeon NYC, Edmund Kwan, M.D for facelift surgery

Our eyes can betray many things about us, from smoldering anger to lively enthusiasm. Don’t let them betray your age! You deserve to look as young as you feel. Board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Edmund Kwan, looks forward to awakening tired, aging eyes with eye lift surgery in NYC at one of three conveniently-located offices: in Manhattan, Queens (Flushing) or New Jersey (Fort Lee).

Blepharoplasty in the hands of an experienced specialist is safe, gets predictable results that are uniquely “you,” and only requires small, well-camouflaged incisions. Clear vision may also be restored! Plus, you can clearly see your results during a consultation with Dr. Kwan; he is among the select few practitioners in the U.S. to offer 3-Dimensional imaging that simulates your eye region, post-treatment. Thanks to Dr. Kwan’s extensive experience with patients of diverse ethnic backgrounds, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that the results will look like you – only rejuvenated!

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Trust the beauty and health of your eyes to Dr. Edmund Kwan

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Best Plastic Surgeon NYC, Edmund Kwan, M.D for facelift surgery
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