Let It Flow

A podcast based on the book : ‘Let It Flow’ – Blood flow is the true foundation of youth, written by Dr. Edmund Kwan. Let It Flow will give tips about your body, and, how to unleash the power of your circulatory system, so you can prevent diseases, slow down aging, and even avoid cancer. You have to think of your circulatory system as personal treasure, then by simply getting your blood to course through your vessels is central to health and wellness.

Have a listen from the first episode onward to learn more about this amazing book and to learn more on how blood flow is the true foundation of youth.

Let It Flow Book by Edmund Kwan

Let It Flow by Edmund Kwan

Premature wrinkles. Chronic depression. Dry, lackluster skin. High blood pressure. What do all these things have in common? Poor blood flow! In Let It Flow, board-certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon, Dr. Edmund Kwan, guides you through life-changing tips to boost blood flow, so your cells get the oxygen and nutrients they need to be healthy.

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In his 25-plus years treating diverse patients, Dr. Kwan found that many who sought his cosmetic expertise for external concerns had deeper, internal medical issues. With a few easy and budget-friendly modifications, Dr. Kwan empowered those patients to not only look better on the outside but to become better (healthier!) on the inside over the long haul. As revealed in Let It Flow, you don’t have to be a gym rat to improve circulation, overall wellness, and skin quality, texture, and color. Find out how even the small things, like cleaning your car, can add up to big gains: getting blood flowing and skin glowing.