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With a diverse base of patients across myriad ethnic and multi-cultural backgrounds, Board-certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon, Dr. Edmund K

wan, is particularly well-suited to tailor treatments to a woman’s (or man’s) unique needs and desires. As such, there are many women who visit Edmund Kwan, M.D. for breast augmentation to “fill out” their figures. Likewise, there are many women who seek Dr. Kwan’s vast experience and high level of skill for breast reduction surgery in NYC. With three conveniently-located offices across the Tri-State area, in Manhattan, Queens, and Fort Lee, NJ, there is sure to be a location that you can trust to correct breasts that you feel are too large, or that are getting in the way of your ability to enjoy activities. Let others see you – not just your breasts!

Why patients visit Dr. Kwan for reduction mammoplasty

Breast reduction or reduction mammoplasty surgery effectively addresses a condition known as macromastia, which refers to excessive breast tissue. Macromastia is associated with a range of factors, including hormonal imbalances, excess weight or weight gain, and, rarely, breast hypertrophy that results in a rapid breast enlargement, usually with the onset of puberty. Many other times, big breasts are simply due to genetics. Some families are predisposed to developing excessive fatty tissue in the chest. This is particularly frustrating for patients who have achieved an otherwise healthy body weight with diet and exercise, yet still retain a large cup size and prominent profile that dwarfs the rest of their body.

Regardless of the underlying cause, women with disproportionately large breasts often have many of the same, universal complaints. They may seek Dr. Kwan’s surgical skill due to their breasts quite literally getting in the way of their lives in several different ways, including:

  • Physical discomfort
  • Chronic back, neck, and shoulder pain as breasts weigh you down
  • Irritated skin along breast creases
  • Problems finding clothes or undergarments that fit
  • Pain when bras or straps dig into your skin
  • Limited mobility
  • Pinched nerves, poor circulation, and numbness and tingling
  • Emotional distress, heightened self-consciousness
  • Inability to enjoy healthy physical activities, such as running
  • Poor self-image, or an image that is defined by your chest

Furthermore, macromastia can dictate a person’s life, from the clothes that they wear (usually oversized garments that can further draw attention to this part of the body), to anxiety and discomfort in the summer or in environments where it’s hot and a bathing suit and “skin-baring” clothing is appropriate.

Lose excess, gain a world of opportunities

While the above concerns would certainly suggest that a patient is a candidate for surgical intervention, those who undergo reduction procedures should be in good physical health, free of conditions such as diabetes, obesity, and cardiovascular problems; shouldn’t smoke, which can increase your risks of surgical complications; and should be at a stage in life where their breasts have stopped developing. Furthermore, patients may be candidates at a later point in time should additional children or a weight loss program be on the horizon. Breast-feeding can present challenges post-treatment, and dramatic weight loss can also affect the size of your breasts. Dr. Kwan discusses these and other considerations with you, during a complimentary consultation.

Lose excess, gain a world of opportunities in the NYC tri-state area

The process

After medications are administered for comfort, Dr. Kwan accesses the underlying fat, glandular tissue, and skin through very small incisions. This is an important feature, because generally the smaller the incision made, the more modest the scar is produced. Furthermore, he uses his artistic and technical skill to make well-placed incisions, which are typically hidden in natural contours, folds, or beneath swimsuits and bras. Breast tissue is excised, lifted, and recontoured as needed, and to your preferences for treatment. The nipple and surrounding areola are repositioned to best fit your new proportions. While the incisions that are closed stick around, they do tend to fade significantly with time and, furthermore, patients appreciate Dr. Kwan’s attention to detail and exacting techniques, which results in barely-noticeable scars.

Breast Reduction Surgery Before and After

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After doing the Breast Reduction to a patient 2
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Rejoice in your new shape

Best Plastic Surgeon NYC, Edmund Kwan, M.D for facelift surgery

Reduction mammoplasty is instantly gratifying; results are obvious right after treatment. However, swelling is common after surgery. So, you will continue to enjoy an improved figure as you heal. Dr. Kwan will discuss ways to ensure your recovery is uneventful, such as how to care for dressings.

Call (212) 734-4488 to schedule your consultation. While Dr. Kwan’s skill towers above other NYC providers, his practice isn’t cost-prohibitive. Also, many insurance plans cover the costs associated with reduction mammoplasty as a “medically-necessary” procedure.

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Large breasts shouldn’t dictate your life, and define your self-image.

Reduction mammoplasty in the expert hands of Board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Edmund Kwan, relieves the physical discomfort and eases the emotional distress of macromastia.
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Best Plastic Surgeon NYC, Edmund Kwan, M.D for facelift surgery
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