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As humans, we are highly conscious when it comes to even the tiniest details in facial features. This is not because we are vain, but because the face is where a large percentage of our communication comes from. The features of the face all work together to create an overall image that tells the world a lot about you. When the face is imbalanced, we may be sending the wrong messages. At the very least, imbalance in facial features can make one feel less satisfied about his or her appearance.

One such facial feature that many people find important is the nose. During his twenty years of experience in plastic, reconstructive and ethnic surgery, Dr. Kwan has seen many Asian patients who are unhappy with the size and shape of their nose.

Comparing the shape and size of the ethnic nose with the Caucasian nose, there are very few similarities in most cases. Though ethnic nose surgery is not about recreating a perfectly Caucasian nose on an ethnic face, many of our Asian patients come to us seeking better shape and projection in this facial feature. The general principles which govern Asian rhinoplasty are vastly similar to that of a Caucasian procedure. However, the characteristics of the Asian nose call for a varied approach and different technical execution, two aspects of Asian plastic surgery that Dr. Kwan has mastered in his cosmetic surgery career.

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Certain cases of Asian nose reshaping may require reducing and narrowing the nasal bone to create a more attractive shape. But a more commonly used solution for an aesthetically pleasing Asian nose is the use of nasal implants. The implants will add height to a flattened nose and restore balance to the face. They are known to be precise, safe and nearly free of complications.

Dr. Kwan’s consultation process is a very elaborate one. In order to ensure maximum patient satisfaction, Dr. Kwan spends time determining the right size, thickness and shape of the nose. Dr. Kwan uses both his technical experience and artistic eye to ensure the right choices are made. This will make sure that the nose is attractive on its own and in combination with other facial features. The measurements are used to customize the implant. Dr. Kwan makes sure that the thickness of the implant is sufficient enough to maintain the ethnic identity of the patient.

If you would like to see more balance and harmony among your facial features, contact our office for a one on one consultation with Board Certified cosmetic surgeon Dr. Edmund Kwan.


For many Asian patients, there are specific changes that they desire when it comes to their nose. Patients will find that with an Asian rhinoplasty, or “nose job,” that the nose can help create balance and harmony with the facial proportions and achieve a more refined look often desired by these individuals. Dr. Edmund Kwan assists patients in Manhattan, Flushing, and New Jersey who are looking for permanent changes to their nose with plastic surgery procedures.


Patients will find that plastic surgery to correct the Asian nose can provide lasting results that are natural, especially when compared to dermal fillers injections to achieve changes. Dermal filler injections are sometimes used as a less invasive way of achieving changes, but patients will need to have these injections performed regularly to maintain the results. Also dermal fillers will give limited improvement. Plastic surgery is more permanent and provides lasting changes that don’t require continued appointments at a plastic surgeon’s office to achieve and maintain.


Any patient of Asian descent who wants to soften or define their nose with plastic surgery can book a consultation visit with Dr. Edmund Kwan to determine if this procedure is right for their needs. During this appointment, patients can point out the specific areas of concern that are bothersome and determine if plastic surgery can help achieve their goals.


Some of the benefits include narrowing the nasal bridge, increasing the height of the nasal bridge, defining the nasal tip, improving projection, and addressing weak or deficient cartilages. These are common complaints heard by Dr. Edmund Kwan regarding the Asian nose.


Dr. Edmund Kwan encourages patients to take about one week off work and social activities following their procedure. That allows for proper healing, reduces the risk of infection, and allows patients to go through the process of natural swelling and bruising that occurs following any surgical procedure. Patients will often use prescription-strength pain relievers or over-the-counter options to manage discomfort and inflammation during this time.


Dr. Edmund Kwan is a plastic and reconstructive surgeon who offers a wide range of plastic surgeries for patients to consider when improving their appearance. If you are interested in learning more about the Asian rhinoplasty procedure, we encourage you to book a consultation at one of his three office locations throughout New Jersey, Manhattan, and Flushing, NY. He accepts new and established patients of the area and encourages patients to book their free consultation to determine what surgeries are most appropriate for their unique needs and desires.

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Dr. Kwan’s ample experience in ethnic surgery has provided him with both the technical expertise and artistic eye to make subtle changes within the boundaries of each patient’s ethnicity. It is also essential that such changes be in balance with the remaining facial and body features and structure. Over twenty years of experience and technical competence make such issues a matter of simple judgment for Dr. Kwan. Dr. Kwan is one of the very few doctors in the USA who performs these surgeries and offers exceptional services to those who are considering Asian rhinoplasty or other facial or body procedures. Don’t let the 5th Avenue NYC address intimidate you! Dr. Kwan and his work are not expensive, and instead are affordable and comparable in cost with other area plastic surgeons, but with quality work and with a doctor who is an expert in ethnic surgeries. Dr. Edmund Kwan also has board certification through the American Board of Plastic Surgery, ensuring that he has the skills and education to perform cosmetic procedures properly. Many patients find that with years of experience comes amazing, beautiful, quality results from every surgery provided by Dr. Kwan and his team!

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Working with a plastic and reconstructive surgeon who has years of experience in ensuring ethnic procedures are natural-looking and attainable is a smart choice! Contact Dr. Edmund Kwan and his team today at any one of his three office locations in Flushing, Manhattan, and New Jersey.

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Best Plastic Surgeon NYC, Edmund Kwan, M.D for facelift surgery
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