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Mommy Makeover Treatment in the NYC Tri-State area

Being a mom does not have to take a toll on your appearance. Skilled cosmetic surgeons have designed new and improved ways for women to regain their youthful figures even after the birth of children. Mommy Makeovers have become the ideal way for women to handle the effects of pregnancy with proven results, and safe technique. If you have yet to hear the details of the Mommy Makeover treatment, we invite you to schedule your one on one consultation with Board Certified cosmetic surgeon Dr. Edmund Kwan in one of our modern medical offices.

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Dr. Edmund Kwan, Edmund Kwan M.D, Mommy Makeover NY - After
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An experienced cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Kwan provides moms of all ages with excellent ways to resolve problem areas. Within the area of cosmetic surgery, there are several procedures that can help Mom restore her desired figure.

Every woman is different, and will visit our office with her own unique set of concerns and needs. Dr. Kwan plans each Mommy Makeover around the patient. Tailoring treatment to your needs, your surgeon is able to produce the most satisfactory results that are uniquely you. Dr. Kwan prides himself on taking time with each patient to hear her concerns and answer any questions regarding problem areas or the recommended procedures themselves. This process is about the transformation of your body! We want you to feel fully confident about every aspect of care.

There are several procedures that may be included in a customized Mommy Makeover, performed in our New York City facility. Remember, treatment includes those procedures that will best meet your needs for better body contours.

What our patients say


Dear Dr. Kwan, It's been six weeks since I had my over four procedures done and the results are all amazing. I am especially impressed with my tummy tuck. No matter how much I exercised I could never achieve the abs I wanted. It's only six weeks and my scar is already fading. My clothes all fit incredibly well now and I am a true 32 waste!

I can't wait until the summer to show off my abs. You are amazingly gifted and an artist as well. I am so glad I was recommended to you from my dermatologist.

In addition, your staff is extremely professional and is very knowledgeable about the pre and post operative procedures. I was also very impressed in the number of follow up calls I received after my surgery to check my status. Thanks for everything...
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Tummy tuck – with or without liposuction

The tummy tuck procedure is designed for the removal of excess skin. More than just a skin-removing procedure, however, the tummy tuck will also tighten abdominal muscles that have become loose throughout pregnancy. In most cases, tummy tuck can successfully remove or at least reduce the appearance of stretch marks. Your surgeon will discuss details of this procedure during your consultation.

Even on its own, a tummy tuck can dramatically transform the body. The addition of liposuction may be recommended when the abdomen holds excess fatty deposits beneath the skin. Often, the excess fat in the lower abdomen is difficult to get rid of with diet and exercise alone. Liposuction is a safe and effective procedure performed in our state of the art surgical facility, providing you with the slender shape you desire.

What our patients say


Dr. Kwan performed a breast augmentation on me in April 2009. To this day, I love my breasts. He also performed liposuction of my abdomen, flanks, arms, back, and thighs. The results of the surgery were noticeable. He removed 8 pounds of fat from my body. I gained some weight and he agreed to redo the liposuction two additional times for a very low price. It was my fault for gaining the weight, but he corrected it. I would recommend Dr. Kwan for breast surgery or liposuction.
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Liposuction for other areas of concern

The effects of pregnancy are not limited to the abdomen. Some women are able to achieve astonishing results with a Mommy Makeover that includes liposuction of the hips, love handles, thighs, buttocks, or other area where excess fat beneath the skin has become problematic.

Breast augmentation, reduction, or breast lift

Pregnancy and breastfeeding often cause the breasts to enlarge. The changes in tissue and hormones can cause the breasts to remain larger than is comfortable, or to become saggy. In a Mommy Makeover, the breasts can be lifted, resized, or reshaped to the most ideal proportions for your unique physical makeup.

Being a mom doesn't mean that you lose your best figure. With a Mommy Makeover, you can feel your best as you raise healthy, happy children.
Contact us in Manhattan, New Jersey, or Flushing for more information on the Mommy Makeover procedure.
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