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The process of Breast Lift procedures

Breast Lift Process in Fort Lee NJ Area

Women who have experienced changes in their breasts over time often feel uneasy about how their chest appears when wearing revealing clothing. They may find themselves hiding their body in spaces such as the pool or beach and might avoid situations where others may see them without clothing. It is not uncommon for the breasts to change over time in volume, shape, size, and location on the chest, which is why plastic surgery procedures such as the breast lift exist. What is a breast lift? Dr. Edmund Kwan and his team perform breast lift procedures in Fort Lee, New Jersey, … Continue reading

Learn more about the process of Facelift procedures

Process of Facelift Procedures in NYC Area

At the practice of Dr. Edmund Kwan, patients in and around the communities of Flushing, Manhattan, and New Jersey find that a wide range of cosmetic and reconstructive procedures can be performed at any of his three conveniently located practices in the tri-state area. Men and women looking at options for combating the unwanted signs of aging are welcome to schedule a consultation visit to discuss their needs with a trained surgeon. Dr. Kwan finds that patients who are unhappy with the results they achieve with nonsurgical solutions such as dermal fillers are the ones who often approach him about … Continue reading

Forehead Reduction and Contouring solutions for women

Forehead Contouring Technique in Queens NY Area

Women in the Queens, New York area who are unhappy with their long or “high” forehead may be unable to address the problem with hairstyle changes or creative contouring techniques with cosmetics and makeup. A high forehead can cause an imbalance in the harmony of the facial structure that can negatively impact its appearance. With the help of Dr. Edmund Kwan, a plastic and reconstructive surgeon, patients can address a high forehead with a hairline lowering or forehead reduction procedure. What is a forehead reduction procedure? One of the most effective ways to reduce a high forehead is through cosmetic … Continue reading

V-line Facial Contouring with area plastic surgeon

V Line Facial Contouring in Queens NY Area

Women with a wider jaw may find that their facial shape takes on a more masculine appearance. Many women are interested in obtaining a more feminine face shape, commonly associated with a V-shaped jaw. V-line facial contouring is just one of the many facial procedures performed at the practice of Dr. Edmund Kwan, facial and body plastic surgeon located in Queens, New York. Women ready to change the shape of their jaw and chin to conform to a more feminine shape will want to book an appointment with our plastic surgeon to find out if they are a candidate for … Continue reading

Finding a doctor for Tummy Tuck Surgery

Doctor for Tummy Tuck in NYC Area

Both men and women who have excess fat in the midsection may struggle with controlling it using diet and exercise alone. This area is often stubborn when it comes to contouring it in a more natural manner. New York City area patients interested in targeting this area with plastic surgery may want to visit a doctor for tummy tuck surgery. The tummy tuck is an incredibly popular body contouring procedure that removes excess fat and skin from the midsection for a tighter, toned abdominal area. How does the tummy tuck work? The tummy tuck combines both liposuction and skin removal. … Continue reading

High-quality Breast Implants for women

High Quality Breast Implants in NYC Area

When women in the New York City area are looking to enhance their body shape and improve the size and volume of their chest, they are often interested in speaking with a plastic surgeon about the benefits of breast implants. Patients looking for a “plastic surgeon near me” in the state of New York will often find that Dr. Edmund Kwan is the professional to talk to! Finding high-quality breast implants Dr. Edmund Kwan is dedicated to helping his patients look and feel their best. This means providing both facial and body surgeries to improve one’s contour and boost self-esteem. … Continue reading

How dermal fillers for under eyes can reduce signs of aging

Dermal Fillers Under Eyes in NYC Area

One tell-tale sign of aging is the formation of fine lines and wrinkles in the facial area. Additionally, the eyes, known as the “windows to the soul,” can also contribute to not only an aged appearance but a tired one. This is often due to the formation of dark circles under the eyes from volume loss. At the practice of Dr. Edmund Kwan in New York City, patients can combat these imperfections without the need for surgical interventions. Instead, patients have the ability to improve their appearance with the use of dermal fillers under the eyes. NYC patients can use … Continue reading

How Botox injections can provide jaw reduction

Botox Jaw Reduction in NYC Area

Men with a square jaw may have an attractive overall appearance. However, this same contour on a woman appears as a more masculine trait. The female facial contours are often more attractive when they naturally have a more oval or heart-shaped, angular jawline. Because of this, women who are looking to reduce the contours of the jaw with jaw reduction will often find that cosmetic injectables such as Botox can provide them with nonsurgical results. Dr. Edmund Kwan of New York City is available to help women achieve a more beautiful jawline! What is Botox, and how does it work? … Continue reading

Facial filler options with New York City plastic surgeon

Facial Fillers in New York City Area

With each passing year, men and women notice changes in their facial skin. This includes the formation of fine lines and wrinkles, commonly caused by increased skin laxity after the natural loss of collagen and elastin. Dr. Edmund Kwan is a New York City plastic surgeon who sees patients daily, looking at options for improving their appearance and restoring their youth. While a facelift, brow lift, and other facial surgeries can provide enhancement, they are not the only way to get results. Many patients are excited to learn about a less invasive solution such as facial fillers. Understanding facial fillers … Continue reading

What is the cost of Asian eyelid surgery with an NYC area plastic surgeon?

Asian Eyelid Surgery Cost in NYC Area

Every ethnicity has specific characteristics in the facial elements. For Asian patients, many individuals do not have a natural fold in the upper eyelid or a “double eyelid.” To enhance one’s facial appearance, Asian individuals may choose to undergo plastic surgery to create this fold. Asian eyelid surgery is just one of many procedures performed for Asian patients at the practice of Dr. Edmund Kwan. However, patients may have several questions about this treatment, such as the cost and what to expect from their surgery. If you are searching for a provider “near me” that offers Asian eyelid surgery, contact … Continue reading

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V-Line Surgery

Jaw reduction, Chin implant, Chin Shaping
This procedure involves establishing a V-shape contour of the lower face by modifying the jaw line.

V-Line Surgery

Aesthetic Surgery Journal Facial Implant of Asian Patients

by Edmund Kwan, M.D.

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