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What is the cost of Asian eyelid surgery with an NYC area plastic surgeon?

Asian Eyelid Surgery Cost in NYC Area

Every ethnicity has specific characteristics in the facial elements. For Asian patients, many individuals do not have a natural fold in the upper eyelid or a “double eyelid.” To enhance one’s facial appearance, Asian individuals may choose to undergo plastic surgery to create this fold. Asian eyelid surgery is just one of many procedures performed for Asian patients at the practice of Dr. Edmund Kwan. However, patients may have several questions about this treatment, such as the cost and what to expect from their surgery. If you are searching for a provider “near me” that offers Asian eyelid surgery, contact … Continue reading

Asian nose bridge surgery available with NYC doctor

Asian Nose Bridge Surgery in NYC Area

Many Asian patients in the NYC area who are concerned about the shape and appearance of the bridge of their nose may consider the benefits of plastic surgery, specifically a nose job or “rhinoplasty.” The rhinoplasty procedure is a highly desirable option for individuals who feel their nose is not in balance or harmony with their facial structures. However, many Asian patients want to maintain their ethnic appearance. With the help of Dr. Edmund Kwan of NYC, patients can achieve results while maintaining their ethnic identity. What happens during Asian nose bridge surgery? Patients often have questions about what they … Continue reading

Visit NYC Botox doctor to learn more about the best treatment for wrinkles and folds

Learn More About the Best Treatment for Wrinkles and Folds from Botox Doctor in NYC Area

One of the best ways to address dynamic folds and wrinkles of the face that are contributing to an aged appearance is with the use of cosmetic injectables. While many patients in the New York City area may believe that plastic surgery procedures such as browlifts and facelifts are the only way to go, this is a common misconception. Instead, many adult men and women who want to reverse the signs of aging may want to ask about solutions such as Botox. Doctor Edmund Kwan is a medical professional with the skills and experience to provide surgical—and nonsurgical—solutions for patients … Continue reading

Non-surgical jawline contouring with fillers from NYC area surgeon

Jawline Contouring With Fillers at Edmund Kwan MD office in NYC Area

Men and women with a weak chin or jaw area may believe their only treatment option is plastic surgery. However, with continued advancements in surgical techniques and modalities, there are other solutions that are available to patients. NYC area patients considering a non-surgical approach to jawline contouring will want to book a consultation with Dr. Edmund Kwan and his team to discuss how you can achieve a more defined chin and jaw. How non-surgical jawline contouring works In the past, the only way to achieve a defined chin and jawline was with plastic surgery, which may have included bone removal … Continue reading

Botox injections for wrinkle reduction in NYC area patients

Botox Injections at Edmund Kwan MD office in NYC Area

Dynamic wrinkles are wrinkles and folds that develop on the face due to muscle contractions. When you frown, laugh, or smile, various areas of the facial skin are impacted. Over time, wrinkles become more profound and more noticeable. To combat this, Dr. Edmund Kwan of the NYC area may recommend wrinkle reduction using Botox injections. How does Botox work for wrinkle reduction? The muscles of the face result in the formation of wrinkles, specifically around the upper third. Some of the best areas for Botox include the: Forehead folds Glabellar lines Crow’s feet Botox is a medication that is a … Continue reading

What is the cost of V-line surgery with a surgeon near me in NYC?

V Line Surgery Cost at Edmund Kwan MD office in NYC Area

For men and women who do not have a defined chin and jaw area, plastic surgery can help. Dr. Edmund Kwan of NYC is a professional who is pleased to offer surgical and non-surgical jaw contouring treatments. This includes his popular V-line surgery. V-line surgery is a way of recontouring the jaw and chin area for harmonious balance to the face. Patients will have a more prominent V contour to the lower portion of the face, which is a more attractive look, especially for women who want a feminine shape. Are you interested in V-line surgery? If you live in … Continue reading

Manhattan area plastic surgeon offers chin augmentation and contouring services

In Manhattan Area Plastic Surgeon Offers Chin Augmentation and Contouring Services

Patients who are unhappy with the shape, appearance, or projection of the chin may want to consider the advantages of particular plastic surgery procedures performed by a professional in the Manhattan, NY area. With chin augmentation, both men and women can improve the look of their entire face and the definition of the jawline. This contouring and augmentation procedure for the chin can make a dramatic impact and allow patients to feel more self-confident in their appearance. With Dr. Edmund Kwan, Manhattan, and NYC, New York area individuals can take charge of this and other facial areas where contouring and … Continue reading

Forehead reduction surgery is available from your Queens, NY plastic surgeon

Forehead Reduction Surgery at Edmund Kwan MD clinics in Queens NY Area

If you are unhappy with the size of your forehead, you are not alone. Many men and women who come to us with this concern have been self-conscious about the issue for many years and have tried to disguise it with different hairstyles, hats, or accessories. A large forehead can take away from symmetry and balance in the face, making the feature feel embarrassingly prominent. Fortunately, Dr. Kwan offers a solution to large foreheads. Forehead reduction surgery, also sometimes referred to as hairline lowering surgery, is an effective way to balance facial features. If you are in the Queens, NY … Continue reading

If you are unhappy with the shape or contour of your chin, a chin reduction may be the answer you want in NYC

Chin Reduction Surgery at Edmund Kwan, M.D. Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery in NYC area

Are you happy with your chin? If you are reading this, chances are you are one of many Americans who find that your chin is too large and does not fit in well with your other facial features. With a moderate reshaping/reduction of the bone, Dr. Edmund Kwan is providing more pleasing facial contours to patients who visit him at any one of his NYC offices. With a chin reduction, results should provide a perfectly natural look and leave patients with a face that is better contoured than ever before. There are so many benefits associated with a chin reduction … Continue reading

Awaken aging eyes with injectable treatments in NYC

Treatments for Aging Eyes in NYC area

If the eyes are the window to the soul, what are your eyes communicating to the world? Do they align with how you really feel about yourself? Do they suggest that you’re older than you are, and that your lifestyle and medical status is unhealthy? All of us can appear tired from time to time, due to factors such as a poor night’s sleep (we are tired!) or dehydration. But, as skin begins to lose structural support and elasticity, “worn” and exhausted eyes may become a static feature of your face that doesn’t match your inner vibrancy and health. Treatments … Continue reading

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V-Line Surgery

Jaw reduction, Chin implant, Chin Shaping
This procedure involves establishing a V-shape contour of the lower face by modifying the jaw line.

V-Line Surgery

Aesthetic Surgery Journal Facial Implant of Asian Patients

by Edmund Kwan, M.D.

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