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Dr. Edmund Kwan M.D.

Edmund Kwan is one of a select group of plastic and reconstructive surgeons to offer advanced facial shaping and facial feminization procedures. He is also amongst the most experienced surgeons to provide cheekbone reduction, forehead contouring, jawbone reduction, and V-Line procedures to achieve attractive facial balance. Notably, Dr. Kwan balances each patient’s unique needs for cosmetic enhancement while preserving their ethnic integrity. An accomplished ethnic plastic surgeon, his patients, reflect the diversity and multiculturalism present in the city that he calls “home.” Dr. Kwan has honed his skills over more than 20 years in practice. Additionally, he has demonstrated his technical expertise by earning board certification from the American Board of Plastic Surgery (ABPS). Dr. Kwan retains membership with the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS).

In addition to focused expertise in ethnic plastic surgery procedures and facial reshaping treatments, Dr. Kwan’s patients have turned to him for a wide range of surgical and non-surgical cosmetic services for both face and body. His expertise in rhinoplasty (“nose” job), double-eyelid fold surgery to “awaken” the eyes and brow lifts to lift years off of the face are keenly sought-after by patients from all walks of life. Body contouring treatments range from breast enlargement and liposuction to “tummy tuck” (abdominoplasty). His steady hand and extensive knowledge of facial anatomy may even be applied to precisely, safely, and non-invasively administer injectables such as Botox® and dermal fillers. Dr. Kwan complements his skill with technology investments, such as Vectra® 3-D imaging, which simulates the outcomes from facial contouring procedures such as cheekbone reduction.

A graduate of Georgetown University Medical School, Dr. Kwan completed his plastic surgery residency and fellowship at Cornell-New York-Presbyterian Hospital and Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center’s main hospital in NYC, respectively. He trained in hand surgery at the prestigious Hospital for Special Surgery and completed craniofacial trauma training at Johns Hopkins’ Shock Trauma Center in Baltimore. During his time there, Dr. Kwan treated patients who had sustained complex facial fractures. A nod to his unique multi-ethnic treatment skills, Dr. Kwan, specialized in Asian facial aesthetic plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery. He trained with “the best”: Dr. Robert S. Flowers, an esteemed pioneer in Asian Plastic Surgery based in Honolulu.

An authority in plastic, reconstructive, and cosmetic surgery procedures, Dr. Kwan, is also a popular seminar and conference speaker and the author of Let It Flow. This practical guide explores the role that healthy circulation plays in skin health and overall health. Dr. Kwan continues to pass his expertise and knowledge on to the next generation as a Clinical Assistant Professor of Plastic Surgery at the New York Medical College and Cornell University Medical College. An Attending Surgeon at New York-Presbyterian Hospital, Dr. Kwan remains on the leading edge of the latest and safest innovations to enhance or restore patients’ appearance and, in turn, their confidence and quality of life.

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Meet Dr. Kwan

Dr. Edmund Kwan - Plastic Surgeon at Edmund Kwan, M.D
Meet Dr. Kwan

Hi my name is Doctor Kwan and I’d like to talk to you a little bit about my practice.

Ever since I was a kid, I always liked to fix things. I went around the house repairing broken doorknobs to toasters to bicycles, and at the same time I started I think developing a little bit of esthetic sense around them as well.

I appreciated art and design and when I started medical school plastic surgery grabbed my attention. When I went to the operating room, I realized that this is what I was seeking.

Classic surgery encompasses both reconstructive and aesthetic surgery.

What reconstructive surgery is, is that part that deals with car accidents and cancer, what’s been damaged or broken and repairing it.

What aesthetic surgery is, it’s that part that deals with enhancing what’s already there such as eyelid surgery nose or the body surgery.

When I walk into the Metropolitan Museum of Art, I see thousands of beautiful artwork. Each one of them unique in their own way.

When I walk into a room I also see “feng shui” to the room and I have this urge to rearrange the room. It’s because I want to see the furniture in the right place and with each in its right place, it’ll optimize the rooms appearance and function.

I believe that everybody’s a work of art and I’ve had the privilege to work with them over the past 18 years and help them look their very best.

"Let it Flow" by Dr. Edmund Kwan - Plastic Surgeon at Edmund Kwan, M.D.

Dr. Edmund Kwan - Plastic Surgeon at Edmund Kwan, M.D
'Let It Flow' – A practical guide to improved circulation for better skin and health. Written by Dr. Edmund Kwan - Plastic Surgeon at Edmund Kwan, M.D. explains in this video his whole thought process which made him write this book. The circulatory system is your body’s “highway”; if a “jam-up” arises, blood can’t get to cells, much like cars can’t get to their destinations. Every inch of your body suffers. Let It Flow is your guide on the journey to better skin and a better you. Board-certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon, Dr. Edmund Kwan, pulls back the curtain on practical steps you can take now to get that life-transforming, oxygen- and nutrient-rich blood flowing! Buy this book -

What made you write the book ‘Let It Flow’?

In my practice I get patients who suffer from chronic diseases such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes & heart disease. I thought it is a natural process that people go through as they got old.

But then I realized as I was operating on many of these patients especially the ones who have these chronic diseases that their blood flow is different, and because the blood flow is compromised the healing process is slowed as well.

This had me thinking of how important blood flow is which led me to write this book “Let it Flow’.

What are the main plastic suregry procedures Dr. Kwan perform?

In his practice he practices plastic and reconstructive surgery. Which mean that he does cosmetic surgeries such as eyelids, noses, breast implants, tummy tucks as well as complex reconstruction for breast, head and neck. He also does reconstructive surgery on patients who have been in car accidents where he reconstructs their bones.

He has been in practice for the past 25 years.

Call Dr. Edmund Kwan on (212) 734-4488 for an initial appointment and consultation visit.

This book will give you many useful tips, so you can make better choices toward preventing chronic diseases and living a longer, healthier life.

Learn More About Let It Flow

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V-Line Surgery

Jaw reduction, Chin implant, Chin Shaping
This procedure involves establishing a V-shape contour of the lower face by modifying the jaw line.

V-Line Surgery

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