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What can cosmetic surgery do for you? See for yourself with Vectra 3D Imaging

You think you want a makeover but worry that you might not like the results. You’ve seen the before and after pictures of actual patients on our website. You’ve gazed in the mirror and tried to visualize a new and improved face or body. Maybe you’ve even tried a plastic surgery simulator smartphone app, only to discover that the images aren’t realistic. If only there was a way to “try before you buy” plastic surgery… Thanks to Vectra 3D Imaging, there is!

The VECTRA® H1 3D imaging by Dr. Kwan

When you visit Edmund Kwan, M.D. in New Jersey, Flushing, or Manhattan, your consultation will include the option of aesthetic analysis with Vectra 3D Imaging. This state-of-the-art system can create a crystal-clear 3D image of your face or body. Dr. Kwan can then adjust the image to render a detailed, realistic preview of changes that a procedure might make.

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What is Vectra 3D?

This is a wonderful example of sophisticated technology with simple implementation. Dr. Kwan uses the Vectra H1 image capturing system, which looks and functions like a typical handheld camera. All you need to do is stand still for a moment while a member of our team snaps a few pictures from different angles. The software stitches those images together, effectively creating a digital replica of your face and body. The resulting image can be used in a variety of ways, from analyzing skin quality to simulating plastic surgery results.

What is Vectra 3D

What 3D imaging can do for you

Our Vectra H1 3D system can help you:

  • Communicate your treatment goals – Dr. Kwan is committed to ensuring that every patient is well-informed, has realistic expectations, and is confident in his or her decision. Therefore, effective communication during the pre-treatment consultation is vital. He needs to understand exactly what you dislike about your appearance, what traits you want to enhance, and what features you want to preserve. You could use a mirror and point out your concerns. However, with Vectra technology, you and the doctor can view a detailed, 3D image together. It allows you to see “yourself” from any angle, and it can be enlarged to further analyze fine details.

  • Better understand your facial structure – When you look in the mirror, it may be easy to identify what you dislike. However, it can be surprisingly difficult to determine exactly why. For example, your chin might be virtually nonexistent. Is it too small, or is your jaw too wide? Perhaps you want your eyes to appear larger and rounder. What is obscuring them? Do you need eyelid surgery or a brow lift? Dr. Kwan can use the Vectra image to show you areas of volume loss, sagging tissue, sub-optimal bone structure, and other factors, as well as explain exactly how those factors affect your overall appearance.

  • Explore the possibilities of profile revision surgery – Dr. Kwan is one of the nation’s foremost experts in ethnic plastic surgery, and one of a few who offer procedures such as forehead contouring, jawbone sculpting, and cheekbone reduction. These types of procedures are quite delicate, requiring a very specific skillset and deep knowledge of craniofacial anatomy. They are not available at average plastic surgery centers, and they are not discussed in depth on most patient resource websites. Therefore, many people who come to Dr. Kwan are very unsure about what they want, or even what is possible.

  • “Try out” different body shapes – Some procedures are relatively straightforward in their goals. For example, a facelift is usually intended to lessen the signs of aging. However, some treatments, especially body sculpting, are much more subjective. For example, breast augmentation or reduction are often done for cosmetic improvement. What is the most attractive breast size and shape? That is entirely a matter of personal taste. Looking at implants or discussing how many grams of tissue to remove doesn’t help you visualize your new shape. With 3D body imaging, you can actually see how different options are likely to look.

  • Make decisions with confidence – We’ve all had the experience of disliking something – until we change it. If you change your mind after getting a different phone or rearranging the dining room, it is easy to go back. However, some things are not so easily undone. Some people worry: “What if I don’t look like myself anymore?” or “What if I don’t like my new shape as much as I think I will?” Vectra imaging takes away those concerns, by taking the uncertainty out of plastic surgery.

The VECTRA® H1 handheld imaging system brings clinical-quality 3D imaging to any practice. It delivers precision optics for high-resolution 3D images in an intuitive, lightweight and easy to handle image capture system. Ideal for facial aesthetics, clinical documentation, and more, it's completely self-contained with integrated flash and ranging lights, the VECTRA H1 is ready to go with minimal staff training.

Frequently asked questions about Vectra H1 three-dimensional imaging

How long does the 3D analysis take?

We just need to take some pictures with the Vectra camera, and software will turn them into a 3D image in moments. Creating your 3D image won’t lengthen your consultation appointment. In fact, it dramatically improves communication, making the entire treatment planning process more efficient.

How much does Vectra imaging service cost?

Dr. Kwan offers this service as part of plastic surgery consultations, at no extra cost to you. In truth, all the services he provides are more affordable than you might expect. Although his clinical skills, practice locations, and amenities are high-end, his prices are not. In fact, his fees for many procedures are comparable with those of some doctors who have far less experience.

How accurate are the images?

Vectra is not just another photo editing app. It is next-generation technology, developed by Canfield Scientific, Inc., a global industry leader in healthcare imaging technology. This system was developed specifically for medical and aesthetic applications, and it generates images that come remarkably close to real-world results.

Am I a good candidate?

Yes! Vectra is not a medical procedure, so there are no contraindications. It is as safe and simple as having your photo taken.

Can I think about this, and refer to my preview pictures later?

Yes, we can provide printouts if you wish.

What procedures can Vectra H1 preview?

This versatile technology can be used to simulate the results of virtually any procedure that we offer, including jaw sculpting, eyelid surgery, forehead contouring, brow lift, cheekbone reduction, facelift, rhinoplasty (nose job), mommy makeover, breast augmentation or reduction, liposuction, and even non-surgical treatments such as dermal fillers.

Are you seeking high-quality plastic surgery, with the confidence of previewing your results in advance? If so, it’s time to schedule a consultation with Dr. Kwan. You can contact him at (212) 734 4488.

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