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Forehead Reduction and Contouring solutions for women

Forehead Contouring Technique in Queens NY Area

Women in the Queens, New York area who are unhappy with their long or “high” forehead may be unable to address the problem with hairstyle changes or creative contouring techniques with cosmetics and makeup. A high forehead can cause an imbalance in the harmony of the facial structure that can negatively impact its appearance. With the help of Dr. Edmund Kwan, a plastic and reconstructive surgeon, patients can address a high forehead with a hairline lowering or forehead reduction procedure. What is a forehead reduction procedure? One of the most effective ways to reduce a high forehead is through cosmetic … Continue reading

Forehead reduction surgery is available from your Queens, NY plastic surgeon

Forehead Reduction Surgery at Edmund Kwan MD clinics in Queens NY Area

If you are unhappy with the size of your forehead, you are not alone. Many men and women who come to us with this concern have been self-conscious about the issue for many years and have tried to disguise it with different hairstyles, hats, or accessories. A large forehead can take away from symmetry and balance in the face, making the feature feel embarrassingly prominent. Fortunately, Dr. Kwan offers a solution to large foreheads. Forehead reduction surgery, also sometimes referred to as hairline lowering surgery, is an effective way to balance facial features. If you are in the Queens, NY … Continue reading

Transform the appearance of your face with safe forehead contouring surgery in Fort Lee NJ

Dr. Edmund Kwan offers many surgery options including contouring to augment, reduce, or reshape the upper part of your face in Fort Lee NJ.

The forehead gets a lot of attention in plastic and cosmetic surgery circles. Today, you can rejuvenate wrinkled, fallen, or sunken areas of the forehead non-surgically with injectable treatments like Botox, or you can turn to a board-certified plastic surgeon like Dr. Edmund Kwan for surgical procedures such as a brow lift or forehead contouring surgery in Fort Lee NJ. The issues these procedures may seek to correct can be similar or related. Each option is available at Edmund Kwan, MD and can restore youthful vibrance and beautiful facial harmony for the right patient. Dr. Kwan combines a high degree … Continue reading

Transform your face and confidence with safe, straightforward forehead contouring in Queens NY

Dr. Kwan is experienced with also treating irregularities to the forehead caused by congenital conditions and other trauma.

When many people think of beautiful facial features, they may consider bright eyes and full lips before a curved, smooth forehead. But the forehead represents a quarter to almost 50 percent of the facial surface area. So, it’s importance can’t be overstated. The upper face also forms the platform for “age estimation,” so it tends to be the focus of patients seeking facial improvement. Researchers have actually found, in studies where eye tracking is used, subjects tended to hover on the upper part of the face. They scrutinized it more than any other area. It’s no wonder so much time … Continue reading

What is forehead contouring? Discover this low-risk surgery to transform your appearance in NYC

Forehead Contouring Surgery NYC

Forehead contouring surgery in NYC at the offices of Edmund Kwan, MD has the potential to transform the overall appearance of your face. The transformation doesn’t stop there; when you’re happy about how you look, confidence soars. Since the upper third of the face plays such a significant role in how the rest of your features look, it should come as no surprise that more people are asking, “What is forehead contouring?” and discovering how it can improve their lives. The basics An elective procedure, contouring or augmentation enhances the shape of the forehead, or adds volume to flat, sunken … Continue reading

Learn more about the forehead contouring surgery available in Manhattan, New York

forehead from a profile perspective

In a world where perfection is rewarded, it is important for patients to understand that they may have imperfections that are part of their genetics and ethnicity. However, when certain imperfections make patients feel self-conscious about how they look, it may be time to speak to a professional about cosmetic surgery. Dr. Edmund Kwan and his team in Manhattan, New York provide a wide selection of treatments in their state-of-the-art surgical practice, including profile procedures such as forehead contouring. Forehead contouring explained Men and women who are unhappy with their forehead from a profile perspective can visit our doctor to … Continue reading

Is forehead contouring a common surgery? And how often do you do it?

Nearly 15 years ago, forehead contouring surgeries were not as common as they are now. During that time, most forehead contouring procedures were done on patients who met with car accidents which caused permanent indentation or forehead irregularity from dents or breaks in the forehead bone. Moreover, patients who had prior surgery for forehead irregularities or who had suffered gunshot wounds were subjected to forehead contouring surgery during that time. As time passed by, the scope of patients on which forehead contouring surgery was performed extended from medical to cosmetic reasons. As such, forehead contouring surgery was not only performed … Continue reading

Are there any complications from forehead contouring surgery?

Complications arising from a forehead contouring surgery are minimal since bone cement is used instead of silicone implants. When a silicone implant is inserted and used in a forehead contouring procedure, numerous complications can arise. Some of these include fluid accumulation, visible borders of the implant, and implant extrusion. In contrast, the use of bone cement shows minimal complications following the surgery. The only one that may come up is contouring irregularities. However, most surgeons minimize this risk by sculpting and smoothing out the bone cement using specialized instruments. Unlike other surgeries, the likelihood of patients suffering from extrusions and/or … Continue reading

What is forehead contouring?

Forehead contouring is a cosmetic surgery involving a patient’s forehead area from the upper eyebrow to the scalp line, and from one side to the other of the head. When a patient undergoes a forehead contouring surgery, the earlier mentioned facial area is made slightly smoother and less protrusive. Applications of Forehead Contouring Even though it is uncommon, some patients suffer from increased protrusion than normal. In such a situation, a cosmetic surgeon will slightly reduce the protrusion through forehead contouring surgery. For some patients, their forehead area consists of indentations and irregularities which are aesthetically not pleasing. Performed through … Continue reading

How Manhattan area men can improve their appearance with forehead contouring

Having a masculine appearance is important to many men in the Manhattan area. When men are unhappy with their profile and feel as though they need to improve the upper portion of their face, they may speak to Dr. Edmund Kwan, MD to learn more about forehead contouring. Forehead contouring is a plastic surgery that is done to reshape the area above the eyebrows. When the forehead is flat, it may have a negative effect on the overall look of both the profile and the front of the face. Adding contours is one way for both men and women to … Continue reading

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