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Sep 23

Finding a skilled and experienced plastic surgeon in Fort Lee, New Jersey, is easy with an appointment with Dr. Edmund Kwan. He is a Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon providing a range of surgical treatments for patients in the community. This includes breast augmentation procedures, sometimes known as breast enlargement surgery. Many women consider him for their […]

Oct 25

When women in the New York City area are looking to enhance their body shape and improve the size and volume of their chest, they are often interested in speaking with a plastic surgeon about the benefits of breast implants. Patients looking for a “plastic surgeon near me” in the state of New York will […]

Nov 23

As an Asian plastic surgeon, Dr. Edmund Kwan helps a diverse array of patients achieve the look they’ve always wanted or restore the look they used to have. For this reason, there are many options for enhancement at Edmund Kwan, MD, dependent on your needs and preferences. Breast implants treatment in Fort Lee, NJ may […]

Mar 20

When you hear about silicone breast implants in NYC and elsewhere, they’re often discussed in relation to the other option: saline implants. The choice is personal. During your consultation, Board-certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon, Dr. Edmund Kwan, will discuss the differences between these options and other aspects of breast enlargement, including answering one of the […]

Jul 24

Breast augmentation surgery involves the use of artificial breast implants. Two primary options for breast implants include silicone and saline implants. Dr. Edmund Kwan prefers to use silicone implants rather than saline. The silicone implant feels more natural, is more resilient, and it can last for a lifetime. The implant is done either under or […]

Jul 24

Most people assume that breast augmentation is just about making breasts larger. However, Dr. Edmund Kwan is of the opinion that it is more about enhancing the shape of the breasts. Some patients may have reasonably large breasts, but the shape may not be very nice looking. Other patients may simply have no breasts at […]

Jul 24

Any surgeon can perform breast implant surgery; not just plastic surgeons. If the surgery is performed at the hospital, it will probably be a plastic surgeon because the hospital will not allow anyone else other than a plastic surgeon to perform the procedure. However, when performed in a doctor’s office, one does not even have […]

Jul 24

As a prerequisite to the breast augmentation surgery, the patient needs to determine what kind of size and shape they are looking for. Dr. Kwan says that all patients must have realistic expectations, and factor in the kind of size and shape of breasts they have already. As far as possible, the patient must have […]