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Jun 25

Concerns over the appearance and feel of post-mastectomy breasts should not hold you back from the successful recovery you deserve. Breast augmentation treatment in New York City at the offices of Dr. Edmund Kwan aids in your journey to feeling and looking like “you” again. We’re honored to be a partner in your recovery, and […]

May 15

Dr. Edmund Kwan and his team know there are a multitude of factors to consider when exploring options to look and feel your best; notably, they understand you’ll need to weigh the returns from treatment with your investment of time and money. He’s happy to introduce you to the cost and benefits of breast reconstruction […]

Dec 12

When New York women learn that they have breast cancer, they have several important decisions to make. They are often worried about what will happen to their breasts, and many worry about undergoing a mastectomy because they will lose them. For many women, the breasts make them feel feminine. Dr. Edmund Kwan understands the importance […]

Jul 25

Breast cancer can strike suddenly and patients are faced with treatment that can be overwhelming and isolating. Mastectomies are a vital and necessary treatment that can save a woman’s life, but they can take a harsh toll emotionally and physically. Dr. Kwan and his team understand that the process of going through reconstruction is difficult […]

Jul 25

When patients in NYC have been diagnosed with breast cancer, it can be a scary and emotional time –especially when a mastectomy is considered. Women often feel less “feminine” following the removal of their breast, which is when they may decide to visit a plastic surgeon to discuss the possibility of reconstruction. Mastectomy reconstruction is […]

Jul 25

Women who have been diagnosed with breast cancer in the Manhattan area sometimes elect to have the tumors and cancerous cells surgically removed to avoid long bouts of chemotherapy treatment to shrink them. However, with this procedure comes emotional changes. Women are not only worried about their health when told they have cancer, but also […]

Jul 25

Breast reconstruction surgery is a typical procedure done specifically for women who have overcome breast cancer. One of the common complaints from those who have overcome breast cancer and who have had a mastectomy is the loss of their breasts. The breasts make women feel attractive, and without them, they may feel self-conscious about their […]