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Sep 23

The jawline is one of the most defining features of the face, and a well-defined jaw can give the face a youthful appearance. However, as we age, the jawline can become less defined due to a loss of muscle mass and bone density. Jaw contouring surgery, or jaw reshaping surgery, is a procedure that can […]

May 01

Jaw shaving surgery is a surgical procedure that can be used to reduce the size of a person’s lower jaw. This type of surgery is generally performed on people who have an oversized lower jaw and have difficulty breathing or eating because of it. It can also be done for aesthetic purposes. Jaw shaving with […]

Sep 24

Men with a square jaw may have an attractive overall appearance. However, this same contour on a woman appears as a more masculine trait. The female facial contours are often more attractive when they naturally have a more oval or heart-shaped, angular jawline. Because of this, women who are looking to reduce the contours of […]

Oct 31

The jawline or lower third portion of your face holds a lot of influence over the appearance of the rest of your face. Furthermore, an angular or “boxy”-shaped face tends to convey more masculine attributes, whereas a softer, more oval-shaped face tends to be associated with feminine features. Likewise, a larger, stronger jawline is often […]

Nov 21

Your jaw has a tremendous effect on your overall appearance. This is fortunate for those individuals who are happy with the size and contours of their jawlines. However, for many of Dr. Edmund Kwan’s patients, the jaw is a trouble spot that doesn’t complement other features or their personality and spirit. The good news is […]

Jun 25

Does your face shape not “match” your softer, more delicate features? Do you hide sharper angles behind your hair? Perhaps, your face appears more angular and less oval than it once did? Board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Edmund Kwan, and his skilled team in Manhattan, Flushing, and New Jersey can help you attain the face shape […]

Jul 26

There are many facial surgeries available at the practice of Dr. Edmund Kwan. His plastic and reconstructive surgery practice is available to help patients with solutions for improving the face and body. When Asian patients visit the practice, they are often interested in ethnic surgeries from a professional who has the experience to provide them […]

Jul 26

When a wider jaw makes patients look heavier than they really are, many patients begin to consider cosmetic jaw surgery. NY area doctor, Dr. Edmund Kwan, MD, is a plastic surgeon who can perform jaw surgeries to improve the contours for a more attractive appearance. Many patients consider this treatment because they want a more […]

Jul 26

There are times when patients visit Dr. Edmund Kwan, MD of the NYC area concerned about a wider and thicker jawbone than they would prefer. This may make the face look considerably wider and can result in patients feeling rather self-conscious about their appearance. When concerns such as this arise, Dr. Edmund Kwan, MD may […]

Jul 26

The jawbone is part of the bone on the lower face along the jaw line. Unlike a cheekbone reduction, a jawbone reduction surgery involves both the bone and the muscle. Many patients have jawbones that are somewhat thicker and/or wider. Hence, an x-ray will show that they have a wider facial appearance. Added to this […]

Jul 26

In many patients, the irregular and disproportionate lower portion of the face is not caused solely due to their jawbone. The real issue lies in the jaw muscle being very big. In order to correct this condition, some surgeons use Botox injections. Botox or Botulinum toxin is a medicine that’s usually injected into wrinkles and […]