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Embrace enhanced curves with natural buttock augmentation in New York

Dr. Edmund Kwan uses implants or fat for buttock augmentation in New York.

Buttock augmentation in New York at the offices of Edmund Kwan, MD is safely tailored to each patient’s unique needs for a boost that looks natural and achieves or exceeds your goals for treatment. If you have always been unhappy with your curves or have noticed unwanted changes following the birth of a child or with the passage of time, you may be a candidate for buttock augmentation through “natural” enhancement with “autologous” tissues – or fat from your own body. Think of it this way: You can trim an area with excess fat while boosting another area that needs … Continue reading

Queens NY surgeon explains surgical reduction options When facial bone is the problem

Dr. Kwan, who may recommend bone reduction surgery at his NYC accredited surgical facility.

There are generally six basic face shapes: oval, round, square, heart, diamond, and oblong. You may have become accustomed to makeup products or haircuts that suit your facial shape; however, over time, the shape of your face can change. You may no longer recognize yourself, and the features that you once adored are no longer as prominent as they used to be. Age-related changes to the shape of your face arise due to sagging skin and a redistribution of tissues over time. These problems may be corrected to restore the look you’ve always known and loved with nonsurgical and surgical … Continue reading

New York specialist explains: What is osteotomy for cheekbones?

What is osteotomy for cheekbones

At the practice of Dr. Edmund Kwan, patients have access to a wide range of reconstructive and cosmetic surgery procedures that can improve their overall appearance and self-confidence. Patients in Manhattan, New York are urged to visit a plastic surgeon to discuss all that can be done to enhance the face and body. Our Board-certified plastic surgeon is proud to offer everything from traditional facelifts to cheekbone reduction surgery. What is cheekbone surgery? Osteotomy in New York, explained The mid-face or cheek area is an unmistakable facial highlight. Prominent cheekbones may be a noticeable feature among individuals of certain ethnicities, … Continue reading

Breast implant shapes and other concerns patients have before augmentation procedures in NYC

Different shape Breast implants from plastic surgeon in NYC

If you are considering breast implants, chances are you have quite a few questions about the procedure. Dr. Edmund Kwan is an experienced surgeon in the NYC area who has decades of experience with breast augmentations. We’ve compiled a list of the following questions that are common among patients before their procedure. What are the different shapes of implant available? The manufacturers of breast implants have many different sizes and shapes of implants that they classify into “profiles.” When moving up in profiles the implant will extend further away from the breast and will also be narrower on the chest. … Continue reading

A mommy makeover in NYC may include liposuction

Liposuction Mommy Makeover from Dr. Edmund Kwanin NYC

Mommy makeovers are a customized combination of procedures designed to reverse the changes to the body caused by pregnancy and nursing. While every mother should be proud of her body after childbirth, there are physical changes that can be difficult to deal with. Mommy makeovers can correct some of those changes.   At our NYC office, Dr. Edmund Kwan performs many mommy makeovers and one of the most common procedures he uses is liposuction. In the following article, we will discuss what liposuction is and how it has become an integral component of many mommy makeovers. What is liposuction? Liposuction … Continue reading

Considering a surgery to lift up your breasts in NYC? Here’s what you need to know

Breast Lift procedure from Dr. Edmund Kwan

Breast lifts, also called a Mastopexy, address issues including sagging or uneven breasts, loss of volume, stretched areolas, or drooping nipples. They are an excellent procedure because they successfully restore a youthful shape to your breasts. Breast lifts are commonly performed with a breast reduction or breast augmentation, although they can be performed alone. You may consider a breast lift if you are in one of the following situations: Pregnancy or nursing has resulted in sagging breasts You have experienced weight gain or loss that has affected the shape of your breasts If your surgeon suggests that implants alone won’t … Continue reading

Top five things you should know before having a breast implant procedure in NYC

breast implant procedure from Dr. Edmund Kwan

Breast implants are one of the most common plastic surgery procedures. They allow women with smaller, sagging, or uneven breasts to have fuller, better-proportioned breasts.   There are many reasons that patients choose breast implants. At the office of Dr. Edmund Kwan in NYC, patients can trust they are in expert hands and will enjoy natural-feeling and great-looking breasts after their augmentation. A customized approach Every woman has a unique body shape and different desires for her breasts. During the consultation, we will discuss your desired goals to determine which type of implant is best for you. Your entire experience … Continue reading

What patients in NYC need to know about a breast reduction procedure

breast reduction procedure from Dr. Edmund Kwan

If you are unhappy with the appearance of your large breasts, or are tired of uncomfortable symptoms such as back pain, poor posture, or difficulty breathing, you may benefit from a breast reduction procedure. In NYC, Dr. Kwan is an experienced and respected plastic surgeon who has performed hundreds of successful breast reductions. What is a breast reduction? During a breast reduction procedure, tissue and fat are removed and the skin is tightened to produce a smaller, more proportionate breast. Why choose breast reduction? Pain and discomfort are often the top reasons for breast reduction surgery, but there are others. … Continue reading

Visit with a certified plastic surgeon in NYC for breast augmentation

Dr. Edmund Kwan is a certified plastic surgeon in nyc

Women who are interested in quality care from a Board-certified plastic surgeon in NYC are welcome to contact Dr. Edmund Kwan. He is a professional with board certification and proudly provides women with breast augmentation services. What is breast augmentation? Breast augmentation is any plastic surgery procedures used to change the breast. This may include a variety of surgeries including: Breast lift – women who have experienced significant weight loss due to dieting or even pregnancy may experience sagging breasts. These can be lifted during a breast lift procedure into a more aesthetically pleasing location on the chest. Breast implants … Continue reading

One of the top plastic surgeons in NYC offers aesthetic surgery solutions

aesthetic surgery solutions from Dr. Edmund Kwan

One of the top plastic surgeons in the NYC area, Dr. Edmund Kwan, is Board-certified and has years of experience providing patients of all ages and genders with quality care. He provides a wide array of procedures that are used to address medical and cosmetic concerns. Services offered Dr. Edmund Kwan provides a myriad of treatment options for patients in the community. Below is a sampling of the treatment options available: Breast augmentation – women are often interested in changing the size, shape, or even the location of the breast. This can be done with augmentation procedures. It may include … Continue reading

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V-Line Surgery

Jaw reduction, Chin implant, Chin Shaping
This procedure involves establishing a V-shape contour of the lower face by modifying the jaw line.

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