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We see compliments in your future! Plastic surgeon explains the process of facelift surgery in Fort Lee, NJ

Beautiful woman with perfect skin of the face, with arrows on face, concept of lifting skin.

Over time, we begin to feel more comfortable in our skin. With time, however, our skin changes. The loss of elasticity promotes expression lines, wrinkles, and saggy, loose skin. The effects of gravity, UV exposure, and other environmental and lifestyle factors take their toll. Edmund Kwan, MD appreciates that patients don’t want to look like someone else; they want to look like a refreshed and healthier version of themselves. One of the biggest compliments Dr. Kwan and his team can get is when patients tell them, “My friends didn’t know I’d had work done. They just thought I looked better … Continue reading

New York area doctor explains the facelift procedure

doctor explains the facelift procedure

Patients in New York who are considering improving the appearance of their face with plastic surgery are welcome to speak to Dr. Edmund Kwan about the facelift procedure. A facelift is a surgical treatment that is used to reduce fine lines, wrinkles, and skin laxity in the facial area. The procedure is used to turn back time for patients with moderate to severe signs of aging. Manhattan, New York area patients are urged to consider Dr. Edmund Kwan for their facial plastic surgery because: He has board certification with the American Board of Plastic Surgery He has almost two decades … Continue reading

Best facelift surgeon in the Manhattan, New York area

Best facelift surgeon in the Manhattan, New York area

Thanks to continued advances in medicine, patients in the New York area no longer must sit by as their skin begins to age. Many patients book a consultation visit with the best facelift surgeon in the area: Dr. Edmund Kwan. When it comes to plastic and reconstructive surgery, Dr. Edmund Kwan provides the ultimate solution for patients in the area. What is a facelift? A facelift is a procedure that is used to help patients address problems such as: Skin laxity Fine lines Wrinkles When patients are unhappy with their aging skin and are seeking a solution, they often find … Continue reading

Look years younger with a facelift procedure from an experienced plastic surgeon near New Jersey

Look years younger with a facelift procedure from an experienced plastic surgeon near New Jersey Dr. Edmund Kwan

As we get older, our face begins to lose volume and definition. Where there was once smooth, supple skin, there are now harsh lines and wrinkles. At the office of Dr. Edmund Kwan, we help New Jersey patients get back their youthful, well defined facial features with the help of facelifts. What is a facelift ? A facelift is an anti-aging surgery that can make the face appear smoother and younger. It works by removing excess fat and also tightening muscle of face and neck. Facelifts do not stop the aging process but can be very effective at redefining the … Continue reading

What is involved in a facelift in the Manhattan area?

facelift in the Manhattan area By Dr. Edmund Kwan

When patients have been unable to achieve the desired results of turning back the hands of time with cosmetic injectables, it may be time for them to consider the benefits of a facelift in Manhattan. Facelift procedures are often done when alternative solutions no longer work. Dr. Edmund Kwan is a Board-certified plastic surgeon who can assist with a variety of facelift procedures to bring back a youthful look quickly and easily! What is a facelift? The facelift procedure is a popular choice for many patients in Manhattan. The procedure is done to pull the skin upward and tighten it, … Continue reading

Avoiding a flat facial profile in the NYC area

Avoiding a flat facial profile Dr kwan NYC area

It is common for Asian patients to be dealing with a specific type of facial shape. The Asian face is often large, flat, and wide with prominent cheekbones and jawbones. The forehead has a tendency to be extremely flat or ever retruded, as well as the chin. This is a common complaint for patients who want to get away from the flat facial profile and achieve better harmony in their facial proportions. Dr. Edmund Kwan, MD of the NYC area may suggest plastic surgery to reconstruct the bones of the face through contouring procedures. To avoid the flat facial profile, … Continue reading

What is the basic procedure of a facelift?

basic procedure of a facelift by Dr kwan

The basic procedure of a facelift involves making incisions around the ear and the temporal area behind the ear in order to pull up and elevate the skin. Following the elevation of the skin, the facial muscle is tightened, lifted up, the skin is pulled, and the excess skin is neatly removed. This entire surgical procedure is deftly executed with completely concealed incisions which contribute to producing a completely natural and aesthetic looking end result. Permanency of Results The results of a facelift procedure generally last about 5 to 10 years, depending on the patient and how well they take … Continue reading

What is a facelift?

cosmetic surgery procedure for facelift

A facelift is a cosmetic surgery procedure which is used to tighten the skin of the face as well as to lift areas of the face that’s hanging. Hence, a facelift, essentially, improves the wrinkles on the face of a patient and also the sagginess of the face and neck area. The cosmetic procedure of a facelift involves undermining the skin covering the face and redraping it along with the muscle. In addition, the fat is also tightened and the fat underneath the face is redistributed and tightened higher. As a result, the structure of the face that is sagging … Continue reading

NYC plastic surgeon explains a mini facelift

surgeon explains a mini facelift

Facelifts are a great way for patients to reduce the signs of aging and restore a more youthful appearance. As patients age, they may notice that they have sagging skin, loss of volume in the face, and deal with fine lines and wrinkles throughout. They may be unhappy with their jowls or neckline, and want a younger, more defined appearance. While full facelifts can be costly and quite invasive, there is another alternative for individuals who have specific areas of the face and neck that they want to address; the mini facelift. NYC plastic surgeon, Dr. Kwan of Edmund Kwan, … Continue reading

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