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Cheek reduction surgeons in NYC describe the process of improving the facial contours with plastic surgery

Patients who have undesirable facial contours may find that a procedure such as cheekbone reduction can help in reducing the appearance of a wide face. This procedure is commonly done for Asian patients who tend to have more noticeable cheekbones that can affect their appearance and cause some to feel self-conscious about how they look. Thanks to surgeons in the NYC area such as Dr. Edmund Kwan, MD, patients now have ways of ensuring their improved and enhanced appearance can make them feel more confident than ever before.

Cheekbone reduction surgery is a procedure that is done as an out-patient surgery for individuals who are ready to enjoy better facial contours. The procedure starts with physically breaking the cheekbone with a safe, comfortable technique. This is done while patients are under general anesthetics to ensure comfort throughout the procedure, while special after-care instructions are given once the surgery has been performed to show patients how they can minimize swelling, inflammation, and the risk of infection while suggesting some over-the-counter medications that can be used to reduce discomfort while healing. After the cheekbone has been repositioned, then Dr. Edmund Kwan, MD can file it down. This is done through a very small incision in the mouth. This allows him access to the cheekbone without patients having to deal with large scarring or imperfections on the skin due to their procedure.

There is some healing time associated with cheek reduction surgery so patients who visit with their surgeon for a consultation appointment are encouraged to speak to Dr. Edmund Kwan, MD about the downtime they may expect. He understands that patients may be worried about how much time they need off of work and other activities and can help them determine an appropriate amount of time to request for this procedure and proper healing.

If you are an Asian patient who has considered recontouring the face with cheekbone reduction surgery, contact Dr. Edmund Kwan, MD today to book an appointment to consult with him and discuss the advantages of this procedure in enhancing one’s natural appearance in an affordable, effective manner.

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